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Get to Know the Pets of Atrium!

A remote working environment can get lonely and feel isolating at times. That is, unless you’ve got the best officemate of all — A PET! Loyal, cuddly dogs have long been man’s best friend. Cats are well known connoisseurs of comfort. At Atrium, we like to think our pets make the most suitable coworkers. Meet some of our friendly, furry Atrians — hard at work, Monday through Friday, enriching our busy days with their love and companionship.

Birds of a Feather

Residing in Jaipur, Totu makes a point to attend his human’s video conferences and in his spare time enjoys camouflage training in household plants. Beware though, this bird has his eye on you…

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

These canines are no strangers to fashion. Here’s Harley Ray and Bailey donning stylish bandanas, while Lacey keeps warm in a classic crocheted hat.  And ever the debonair doggo, Hacksaw goes formal in a bow tie for his humans’ wedding:


Is there any easier way to get your human’s attention than puppy dog eyes? Roscoe, Lucy, and Brady have perfected this age-old doggie trick, and it works every time:

Sleeping on the Job

Whether it’s on the sofa, the grass, or the floor underneath a desk, these pups have a ruff life, but surely know how to RELAX. Baxter, Handsome, Buddy, and Ecko show us how it’s done:

Capricious Cattos

Never to be outshined by their canine counterparts, the fabulous felines of Atrium are always keen to display their best angles, mostly while napping. Ollie and Vinny snooze away the 9-5, while Suzie snuggles up to a keyboard:

Catitude for Days

Is your cat judging you?  “Puppy” and Luna serve serious looks while basking in some artsy lighting, but Stanley prefers to show his playful side, upside down:

And is it true what they say about black cats?  Elphaba and Moon try their hardest to look intimidating, but their cuteness just gets in the way:

Models are Not Just for Machine Learning

One thing all fur parents can appreciate is a pet who will stay still long enough to capture that perfect pic. These pups strike a pose worthy of the cover of “Dog Fancy” — Rorschach with his “goodest boy” grin, and Winston flashing his pearly white smile:

Better When We’re Together

You’re not seeing double!  Chip and JoJo are an inseparable pair who keep each other company when their humans are hard at work.  Apollo and Shiloh are affectionately known as “the pretzel” for reasons shown below.  And Theo’s demands to play with his twinning neighbor helps to get his human outside for some fresh air! 

At many times during the week, these furry faces make appearances on threads within Atrium’s Water Cooler Chat Room, proving that our pets are not only family members, but integral parts of our work lives as well.

Would you and your pet like to join the team? Check out our open positions today!