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Hubbl Diagnostics Magic Link

Know Everything with a Salesforce Org Scan

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Hubbl Diagnostics

When you invest in Salesforce for your business, you want to get the most value possible — not just after implementation, but for the long term. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Mitigate risks and avoid unforeseen costs and delays with deployment and enhancements, as well as drive more revenue with Salesforce
  • Merge Salesforce orgs (or you’re considering the implications of doing so)
  • Optimize a dashboard or multiple dashboards, or surface insights into specific analytics
  • Increase cloud utilization by leveraging more of Salesforce’s capabilities

Hubbl’s Magic Link can help you achieve those goals

Magic Link allows you to scan an org that you don’t have admin credentials for, giving you a universal view of the current state and complexity of the org.

The team at Atrium doesn’t only partner with Hubbl — we’re a customer and we know the benefits firsthand. With a single scan of your org, you can chart a path to increase the ROI on your Salesforce investment.

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