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Our Commitment to the Team

The average person spends approximately 35% of their waking hours at work. Based on this statistic alone, it seems reasonable that you should legitimately love what you do — and where you do it. Life is just too short to do otherwise. And that is precisely why I’m embarking on this journey with Atrium. Certainly the market opportunity and chance to work with an incredible founding team were a big part of the equation, but this company represents much more than that. In Atrium, we have the unique opportunity to build a company that truly inspires its employees and provides them with the kind of workplace they are proud to be a part of.

I’ve been fortunate in my consulting career to see dozens of corporations up close — to immerse myself within their organizations and learn a lot by witnessing what they’ve done right – as well as wrong. I’ve seen firsthand the difference between the good ones and the truly great ones, and that always came down to one critical component — company culture. The great companies understood the importance of providing an exceptional employee experience; that by investing in their people, they are actually strengthening their own businesses.

I’ve also learned that first and foremost, employees want transparency and integrity in the workplace. At Atrium, we want that, too. We understand that when someone comes to work with our team, they are placing a lot of trust in us to help elevate their careers and provide them with the tools and structure they need to be successful. Simply put, everyone wants an awesome place to work. We believe that place is Atrium.

Of course it sounds simplistic to say that if we take care of our employees, everything else will fall into place — but we subscribe to this theory. We recognize that our team is at the center of everything we do — every customer touch point, every breakthrough, every leap forward the business takes. Therefore at Atrium, building a world class team is job #1. To do that, I believe we’ve landed on three core values that will serve us well. Grounded in authenticity, diversity of thought and initiative, we are ready to chart an amazing and fun journey.