How Genie Can Bring Magic to Retail Banking

How Salesforce Genie Can Bring Magic to Retail Banking

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was recently found by a court to be unconstitutional. But regardless of the politics and legalities of the CFPB, the cause of protecting banking consumers should be a concern for everyone. This includes retail banks. A cynical observer might ask why a bank should care about consumers, but principles […]

Whitepaper: Driving Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Adoption at Banks


WHITEPAPER Driving Financial Services Cloud Adoption at Banks It’s no surprise that many banks are choosing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). With tools that enable bespoke experiences for customers, automation that boosts productivity, AI-powered insights, and more, the platform is a natural fit for key decision makers. But what about end users? They’re the ones […]

Predictive Analytics In Banking: How It Helps Lenders Succeed

Predictive Analytics In Banking How It Helps Lenders Succeed

Predictive Analytics has the power to revolutionize almost any industry. It’s especially useful for financial institutions like banks and fintech firms because they help gain access to the subconscious behavior of customers. This includes their spending and saving habits, social habits, and more. We can use this data to personalize service for customers and customize […]

AI In Banking: What Are the Most Prominent Use Cases?

AI In Banking What Are the Most Prominent Use Cases

Over the past few years, A.I. and machine learning have disrupted the entire landscape of how we consume products and services as customers. This trend continues as more companies are starting to realize the benefits of incorporating big data and machine learning into their business models and as a part of the services they offer. […]