The Mortgage Lending Experience is Improving Thanks to AI

The Mortgage Lending Experience is Improving Thanks to AI

Were you one of the many people who purchased or even refinanced a house in the last two years? You wouldn’t be alone. Today’s world is more and more about the customer experience and how we are treating the customer throughout the process. Imagine how putting the customer first would shake up the mortgage industry […]

How AI And Machine Learning Are Helping The Insurance Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables computer systems to accomplish tasks that would normally require human interaction. The use of AI has increased exponentially across all industries over the past several years. AI can help automate labor intensive processes, leading to lower costs and saved time. It can also be used to understand […]

Wealth Asset Management Demo: Reduce At-Risk Assets with Predictive Insights in Tableau

How can wealth asset management firms identify and solve for client attrition? Get a firsthand look at our business science embedded predictive dashboard built in Tableau and see the value of easily accessible, meaningful insights. You’ll see at-risk assets, percentage of clients at risk, total book, cross-sell potential, and more… all at a glance. Learn […]

5 Distinguishing Benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Business today is all about managing relationships. The ways we grow and invest in those relationships has changed drastically for the better due to the capabilities brought by cloud technologies. Building relationships with existing and potential customers, increasing revenue, and delivering the right information at the right time now takes more than industry expertise — […]

Salesforce’s Anthony Rizzo Discusses Financial Services Customer Success

The expectations we have for customer success in financial services are changing. To explore the market and talk about major emerging themes from the Salesforce perspective, our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with Anthony Rizzo (Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Financial Services at Salesforce). They discussed the top success patterns that separate average Salesforce outcomes from […]

The Next Normal in Banking: How to Reimagine Customer Experience Profitably

Everyone wants to get back to business as usual, and perhaps none more so than those in financial services and healthcare — two industries that shape our everyday experiences. From a macro perspective, while banks were already evolving how they offered their products and services prior to COVID-19, the pandemic has consequently accelerated consumer adoption […]

Current Mortgage Industry Challenges and Opportunities to Watch

The mortgage industry is going through changes involving a great deal of evolution around tracking applications, approvals, and servicing customers in more intuitive ways. We spoke with some of our team members across Salesforce and strategy consulting and customer engagement to dig into the main obstacles facing mortgage lenders today, as well as the unique […]

The Power of AI for Financial Services – Q&A

The financial services industry is always looking for better ways to engage clients and create a unique, personalized experience and meaningful financial health insights. In order to strengthen those relationships and increase customer loyalty, those organizations are turning to the power of AI. We sat down with Laura Koch, Atrium’s VP of Customer Engagement, to […]