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Innovate and Accelerate With CRM Analytics for Financial Services

You may already know many of the benefits and potential customizations when it comes to a holistic CRM strategy. Whether it’s expertise in creating and logging opportunities, navigating Salesforce reports, or exporting and exploring your data in sheets, the power and accessibility is paramount for those in financial services today. This whitepaper will help seasoned CRM Analytics users and newcomers alike better understand how to manage business processes with CRM Analytics, as well as prepare to begin development of data models and more.

What’s inside?

  • Plot your organization on the data maturity curve and set your sights on data-driven growth
  • Common questions that arise for financial services businesses around CRM Analytics
  • Building CRM Analytics for Financial Services Cloud
  • Case studies centered on real-world financial services success with CRM Analytics
  • Insight into various CRM Analytics accelerators, dynamic, proven solutions that can help your team experience the power of CRM Analytics faster than ever
  • Customizations and considerations for CRM Analytics at the subvertical level