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The Future of Data in Banking: Getting Ahead with Advanced Analytics

Atrium Odaseva Whitepaper The Future of Data in Banking

Data has emerged as a central pillar of modern banking operations. With the shift toward digital-forward customer preferences, the volume and variety of data that is generated has surged — creating complex challenges and opportunities for banks to get ahead of traditional peer banks, neo-banks, and fintech companies.

Incumbent banks must harness their data assets not only to enhance their customer experience, but also to streamline operational efficiency and proactively mitigate risks. This whitepaper co-created by Atrium and Odaseva focuses on obstacles and areas for banking innovation around:

  • Regulatory compliance and data privacy
  • Data quality and integration
  • Technology and innovation
  • Customer expectations and personalization

Get a deeper understanding of the most pressing challenges and pathways forward for banks to adapt and win over the long term.