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Data Signal Analysis

Verify the signal in your data and provide immediate insights to the business

You know your customer data is one of your most valuable corporate assets. You also know that in order to unlock its full value, you should be looking at ways to apply AI and machine learning to extract meaningful insights to anticipate your customers’ needs. But many businesses still struggle with getting started and later operationalizing those insights. These are some of the questions we’ve encountered:

  • How do we leverage predictive models to get the greatest impact?
  • How can we ensure that models make it into production?
  • How do we get the business to adopt these models?
That’s why we provide an expert data signal analysis service.

Our Approach to Your Data Signal Needs

Atrium’s data signal analysis service identifies opportunities to incorporate intelligence into the flow of the business process so that insights translate directly to actions, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency. By analyzing data to determine what elements best predict a desired outcome, we uncover new opportunities. We do so through:
  • Exploring different ways to leverage AI and machine learning in order to improve business outcomes.​
  • Data exploration and model building to identify data signals and available insights.
  • Education and enablement on building and enhancing the predictive model over time.

How We Get Results

Align With Business Objectives

We align on your objectives and define the desired experience through:

  • Data exploration and analysis
  • Defining objectives, tactics, persona, expected insights, and actions

Create Data-Driven Processes

We create the data set, which involves:

  • Generating insights
  • Enabling permissions
  • Training and validating predictive models

Productionization Planning

We help you translate insights into actions by:

  • Designing and developing visualizations
  • Identifying potential actions within the business workflow
  • Recommending an implementation plan

Working With Atrium: the Benefits to Your Business

By working with our team, you’ll have an identified data signal and the associated insights available via the implementation of a predictive model — allowing you to act on timely, relevant insights. With our help, you can:

  • Identify candidate data relevant to outcomes
  • Visualize insights/data visualizations from exploratory data analysis
  • Determine key factors in your business process
  • Highlight features for future consideration
  • Create a foundation for predictive analytics

At Atrium, we have domain and industry expertise — underpinned by data architecture and data science — combined with experience applying those highly specific insights to your cloud technology environments.

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