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Salesforce Service Intelligence

Enhance your customer experience and reduce operational costs with real-time insights

Salesforce Service Intelligence takes the guesswork out of understanding and achieving customer service goals with intuitive, real-time data visualizations. Combining the power of Data Cloud, CRM Analytics, and Einstein Conversation Mining, Service Intelligence helps your service agents and managers dig into key customer data and KPIs to reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Service Intelligence Capabilities

Here are some examples of the dashboard capabilities provided by Service Intelligence to help support agents with automated case management, individual and team-wide metrics, and contact resolution:

  • High-level summary of top KPIs (e.g., total cases, total escalations, and average time to close)
  • Cases by channel, priority, and status, along with incoming cases
  • Understand the average time to close, escalated cases and CSAT by surveys and channels
  • View metrics by agent (e.g., number of cases and time to close), as well as take action on cases that require attention

Getting Started with Salesforce Service Intelligence

At Atrium, we have customized Service Intelligence Quickstarts — whether you could benefit from basic starter support, a custom engagement (such as additional CRM Analytics dashboard needs), or something in between.

Service Intelligence Quickstart

Get started quickly with ease. We refine the user interface to your needs by removing undesired widgets or elements incompatible with your unique data environment, without getting into alterations that increase setup complexity.

Service Intelligence + Custom Fields

Is your Salesforce environment more complex? This option ensures you get started quickly while also accommodating for slightly more custom Salesforce instances that require updates to the dashboards.

Service Intelligence + External CSAT

Enhance your customer 360 visibility by integrating an external CSAT source. We'll map it to the standard Data Cloud data model and seamlessly incorporate it into tailored dashboards designed to meet your specific business requirements.

Custom Service Intelligence Implementation

Looking for more? We’ll fully customize the Service Intelligence implementation for your needs, integrating external data sources, adding predictive elements to guide your team, and incorporating additional accelerators.

The Atrium Difference: CRM + Data + AI

At Atrium, we’ve spent years enhancing the service experience for businesses through a strategic approach that combines CRM, data, and AI. With our expertise across Service Cloud, analytics, and data strategy, we are the right partner to help you get started quickly while also taking into consideration the complexity of your business across different products and your long-term business goals.

Salesforce Data Cloud Offerings

As a premier Data Cloud partner, we’re here to help you maximize the value of Data Cloud — including Salesforce’s free Data Cloud offering. We provide a variety of custom offerings that take into account your data quality, data sources, and overall data strategy and allow you to realize powerful business outcomes long term.

Tableau and CRM Analytics Accelerators

After years of building solutions in Tableau and CRM Analytics, we’ve developed a way to build solutions more quickly without sacrificing quality or complexity. Here’s a detailed look at our pre-built components to help you get the most value out of CRM Analytics and Tableau — with video previews of each.

Salesforce Data Cloud Service Accelerator

It’s easier than ever to unlock the power of Salesforce Data Cloud’s customer 360 capabilities when it comes to intuitive, fast, efficient customer service. Watch this quick demo for an inside, step-by-step look at faster case resolution and personalized customer service with our Salesforce Data Cloud Service Accelerator.

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Our certified Salesforce experts provide industry-specific strategy, implementation, and managed services across Salesforce Clouds and related technologies.

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Achieve data-driven decision-making, enable growth, and streamline your business intelligence strategy with our Tableau consulting services.

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As certified Snowflake consultants, we help you unlock the full potential of Snowflake's capabilities and maximize the value of your data.

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