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Success Story

Reducing Rep Overhead and Driving Product Goals with Einstein

The Challenge

CooperVision was managing their go-to-market data with spreadsheets and siloed data. They needed a way to deliver customer-centric reports to sales rep immediately before or during call planning and reps needed better real-time reporting before and during sales calls in order to compile and deliver critical insights to customers. CooperVision also needed to provide an effective method of consolidating all sales information at a nationwide, regional, and territory level while also providing the ability for each level to view and compare their metrics against the level above them. And they were looking for a way to combine data from multiple systems containing varying account, sales, program, and industry data to provide critical metrics and to consolidate large spreadsheets to easily run, update and filter to specific metrics for periodic sales meetings.

The Solution

Enlisting Atrium as their implementation partner, CooperVision adopted CRM Analytics to provide seamlessly integrated data across multiple systems. With the separate systems now integrated, eliminating spreadsheets and siloed data, CooperVision reps are able to quickly compile and deliver critical sales insights to customers when handling calls. And with this integrated data, CooperVision is able to complete sales analysis at any level and drive product goals by presenting competitive metrics to the reps. By implementing Sales Cloud, they now have visibility at any level so data can be presented at any moment in time. Their solution includes Einstein dashboards embedded within Salesforce to show historical volume, product mix and pricing programs available to eye care practitioners. The next step in their journey is to create predictive insight into action to further improve customer satisfaction and market share.

The Results

CooperVision now has better utilization of industry data to show sales where the most customer potential exists, increasing the effectiveness of sales rep and client interactions. And it is now easier for them to analyze promotional program success rates and drive product mix goals. On top of this, CooperVision has reduced overhead in call planning, customer analytics, and preparation for sales review.

About Coopervision

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. Their products are sold in over 100 countries across the world and they design and manufacture all of their contact lenses. They are well regarded in the industry for their history in overcoming difficult lens fittings and providing the vision correction the world needs.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Salesforce Sales Cloud

"Atrium was essential in our Einstein implementation. Their wealth of knowledge, availability, and flexibility made this process very smooth."

Julia Chan


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