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Success Story

Driving Higher Student Enrollment and Retention with Data Analytics for Pearson

The Challenge

Pearson needed to discover what factors drive student enrollment and retention in a rapidly changing education market. It was hard to determine which factors could help to optimize student journeys and success and siloed data and incomplete augmented analytic toolsets made analysis impossible. Pearson saw the need to plan an effective data strategy to tackle these issues as they migrated to Sales Cloud.

The Solution

In order to successfully predict and manage student engagement for their customers, Pearson partnered with Atrium to implement CRM Analytics. With Einstein Discovery, Pearson was able to identify key characteristics that influence student acquisition and retention.

Pearson flipped their implementation on its head by implementing CRM Analytics first and then using those metrics, analytics, and other data they knew they wanted to collect to guide their Sales Cloud implementation. This enabled them to more effectively design their internal Sales Cloud data model and deployment, giving them the ability to show customers quantitative data to help prioritize and improve student journeys.

The Results

Pearson now has a better understanding of the most important factors in increasing enrollment and retention. With Einstein Discovery, they can identify opportunities to enhance and improve the student enrollment journey for prospective students and how to maximize keeping students enrolled, leading to an expected 20% cost per acquisition lifetime value ratio improvement. Pearson can also design and use Sales Cloud more effectively to serve their internal users by promoting dashboards and their customers.

About Pearson

Pearson is the world’s largest learning company in the world. Pearson Online Learning Services (POLS) is a division that offers advice, services, and tools to educational institutions to help them attract, enroll and retain students. Pearson partners with colleges to provide strategic advice on how to evolve their offerings and launch new education programs. They also provide services to help colleges attract new students, operate enrollment systems, and enhance and personalize academic experiences.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Salesforce Sales Cloud

"It was fantastic to work with Atrium. The team quickly understood our unique needs and rapidly helped us make progress standing up Einstein. We moved from talking about analytics to truly understanding learner segments in a rapidly changing educational market."

Daniel Goldsmith


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