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Success Story

Re-inventing Sales Processes with Data Access and Insights

The Challenge

Staples (SPP) had siloed and sometimes inaccessible sales data which caused a lack of insight into key customer inquiries and inadequate sales processes. Their data lived in disparate systems and was unreachable by most sales reps. Sales leadership needed to implement stronger processes across multiple roles in their organization and needed to improve reporting on order statuses or customer quote inquiries as these were taking days to resolve.

The Solution

By partnering with Atrium to implement CRM Analytics, data was consolidated with a single view of the customer across the enterprise with visibility into conversion rates from quotes and fulfilled orders. Vendor and quote/order request form access keeps sales teams streamlined in one platform and the chatter functionality keeps them engaged. With CRM Analytics, users are enabled to make data-driven decisions with enhanced reporting and integrated data structure from the backend ordering warehouse. And by eliminating multiple handoffs, cycle time will be reduced.

The Results

With an increased understanding of sales performance on all levels, Staples has increased the number of quality customer touchpoints and responses suggesting “It is easier to do business with Staples now.” Because of the success of the project, Staples wants to continue to enhance the platform even further as they discover all of the new things they can accomplish.

About Staples Promotional Products

Staples SPP is the Promotional Products Division within the parent Staples Company with teams in Overland Park, KS and Richmond Hill, Ontario. As a leader in the promotional products industry, SPP creates customized mugs, T-shirts, pens, and other specialty products. Another SPP service: offering clients creative solutions that help them develop eStores, print catalogs, and more.

The Technology

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Chatter

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