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Data-Driven Client Acquisition in Commercial Banking

Automate and enable new client acquisition strategies with a data-driven approach

To compete with fintechs, alternative lenders, and neobanks in the commercial lending market, traditional banks need to transform their relationship management models using digital technology and data insights. This will allow relationship managers to focus on building meaningful client relationships and providing comprehensive solutions. AI and data-driven insights can be integrated into commercial banking through Salesforce, with powerful visualizations that drive growth and enhance relationship management, leading to stronger client relationships.

Many banks know that data is a valuable asset and one that they have a lot of. However, many struggle to leverage their data effectively due to outdated systems and siloed data. By incorporating third-party data, you can create a 360-degree view of your clients, prioritize prospecting, surface actionable insights that ultimately drive better decision-making and personalized engagement, products, or offers and enhance the client experience. All while maximizing the value of your investments in data.

Benefits of Data-Driven Client Acquisition

Atrium’s data-driven client acquisition solution pulls together internal and third-party takes for a 360-degree view of potential clients to help relationship managers prospect and acquire ideal clients.

Expand New Client Acquisition and Win New Business with Existing Relationships

By leveraging existing client, ideal client, and third-party data for scoring and propensity to buy models, acquire new clients and expand wallet share across LOBs by predicting the likelihood to win new business with existing relationships.

Enhance the Client Journey and Maximize Campaign ROI

Identify the most profitable clients and prospects in order to personalize offerings, increase engagement, and surface the right information for relationship managers to take action.

Measure campaign effectiveness, ROI impact, and optimize marketing efforts.

Increase Referral Conversion Rates with Intelligent Routing and Scoring

Incorporate referrals from Centers of Influence to the top of the funnel, prioritize with likelihood to convert models, and match most qualified referrals with appropriate LOB relationship managers.

Optimize Sales and Increase Relationship Manager Productivity

Increase close rates and relationship manager productivity by leveraging data to identify the best prospects, preferred services, and key referrers.

Integrate lower probability opportunities on drip campaigns and marketing journeys to give relationship managers more time to focus on clients.

Next Best Action and Action Plans

Leverage next best actions for personalized and relevant recommendations to clients based on their behavior, goals, and interactions.

In addition, create and track custom plans and pitches, engage other LOBs, and optimize customer interactions and account management processes.

Maximize ROI with Embedded Insights

Increase the return on technology and data investments by surfacing insights enhanced by third-party data in Salesforce, where users work on a day-to-day basis, and providing them with an action framework to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Data Insights Powered by Snowflake

Snowflake can be used by commercial banks to easily incorporate third-party data, such as data from Bloomberg, into their data ecosystem. With Snowflake, institutions can use the Snowflake Connector for Bloomberg to stream data from Bloomberg into Snowflake and join it with their own data, allowing them to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions quickly.

Financial Services Cloud Consulting

Financial Services Cloud by Salesforce is a platform that aims to foster long-lasting client relationships through personalized, proactive advice. Whether you are new to using Financial Services Cloud or looking to optimize your use, our team is available to assist you in getting the most out of your investment.

We Know Financial Services

We help Financial Services businesses in banking, wealth management, and mortgage create compelling, intelligent experiences to attract and retain clients.

Financial Services

Atrium is revolutionizing retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management, credit unions, and mortgage with actionable analytics and AI-powered predictions and recommendations.​ Our solutions utilize CRM strategy, best-in-breed technology, and data analytics and engineering to help Financial Services maximize their IT investments.

Commercial banking

Commercial banks need a strong financial foundation to support lending and investment activities. To maintain steady growth they need to have a well-established customer base, including businesses and individuals. Atrium offers solutions to aid commercial banks in acquiring new clients and strengthening relationships with existing ones.

Winning More Business with Third-Party Data

Atrium helped Capital One win more business from their third-party data. With Bloomberg/UCC and Salesforce data surfaced directly in their CRM Analytics instance, relationship managers are able to proactively identify likely prospects. This gave Capital One a data-driven competitive advantage.

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We specialize in data-driven strategy across many Salesforce clouds, including Financial Services Cloud. From advisory services to managed services, we can help you maximize ROI on your Salesforce investment through proven solutions and the effective use of data.

As the market leader in providing intelligent experience solutions on the Salesforce platform, we combine CRM strategy, data science, and Tableau implementation expertise to drive sustainable solutions on the Tableau platform.

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Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

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