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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Tackle the most challenging financial services problems with a 360 view of customers and more real-time insights you can act on

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The question financial institutions are asking now is not whether to migrate to or integrate more cloud-based systems, but rather how to quickly and seamlessly do so. Banks and insurance companies in particular have struggled with legacy systems, combined with an ultra-complex regulatory environment, inhibiting their ability to provide more intuitive, on-demand services to their clients.

Customers expect easy, on-the-go experiences, which puts more pressure on you than ever to streamline your operations, understand key relationships, prioritize referrals, and meet them where they are with their financial goals. The most competitive financial firms stay ahead of the curve through predictive analytics powered by AI.

That’s why we’re here to be your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation guide. With a strategic approach to FSC consulting, we can help you get ahead and stay there.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Action Plans Personalized to Your Business

We help financial services businesses create compelling, personalized customer experiences to attract and retain customers, as well as achieve ROI on data science investments in the process.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Implementation: Features and Benefits

360 Relationship Center

Identify high-profile clients and relationships by mapping customers with households, trusts, and business groups. Visualize and act on new opportunities generated by existing layers of relationships and key information in one place.

Visibility Into Financial Accounts and Rollups

Recommend the right products and services to your customers by having complete visibility into their accounts and holdings.

High-Impact Customer Engagement

Capture and visualize your clients’ important life events and business milestones such as having a wedding, launching a new product, or moving to a new city.

Seamless Tracking, Case Alerts, and Approvals

Stay on top of your customers’ approval statuses with a custom approval process using tailored alerts, a simple document collection method, and the ability to link financial accounts, customers, and households to cases.

Smart Referral Routing

Better manage and prioritize relationships with AI-powered referral scoring and routing.

AI-Powered Business Intelligence with CRM Analytics

Instant insights at your fingertips generated by pre-built templates and models customized specifically for financial services.

Guided Lightning Flows for Service Requests and Loan Application

Guided and templatized experiences for customer service agents and loan officers to resolve service requests and analyze borrower data.

Get Results Faster With an FSC Quickstart

Want to get faster results from FSC consulting? Atrium’s Quickstart implementation model aligns you with a targeted, efficient, and cost-effective deployment team that condenses your time to value, with the focus on the data-driven insights that yield the biggest business impact. Our FSC Quickstart includes:

  • An assessment focused on business objectives and enabling data-driven insights within the FSC-enabled processes
  • Setup and configuration of selected, key FSC objects: Financial Accounts, Account Teams, Relationship Builder, Action Plans, Interest Tags, Life and Business Events, etc.
  • Embedded analytics and actioning, including delivery of CRM Analytics components at least one key business outcome embedded on the Home page and Account Records to drive insights and actioning
  • Long-term success through the collaborative curation of backlog items, such as advanced FSC capabilities, servicing workflows, process automation, and self-service capabilities

We Know Your Industry

Our team of certified Salesforce experts, with decades of industry experience, is made up of uniquely skilled leaders who have devoted themselves to customer engagement, data science, analytics, and strategy consulting, as well as specific industries and technologies.

Wealth & Asset Management

What’s the key to an asset management firm’s success? Growth opportunities. Referral conversions and the overall number of households you can expand to directly contribute to your ability to grow. Salesforce for wealth management provides you the data and subsequent insights for your book of business that you need to satisfy your clients’ needs and extend your reach.


The mortgage industry has changed so much, and borrowers expect the same user-friendly, digital-first experience they get elsewhere. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for mortgage allows you to put your customer first by enhancing their borrowing experience and increasing customer satisfaction, while also reducing the application to funding time, reducing loan officer and agent ramp time, and increasing loan recapture rates.

Credit Unions

While providing exceptional experiences for existing members, your team has to consider converting referrals, deposit pipeline, tracking and measuring branch activity… and more for those you serve. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for credit unions helps you center your members by surfacing actionable insights and delivering a seamless experience, supporting not only your members, but also your team engaging them every day.

Commercial Banking

Financial institutions are facing immense pressure to keep up with current digital capabilities. Whether it’s driving new customer acquisition and referrals from within, or keeping your current high-profile customers, Salesforce for commercial banking can help you streamline your processes and surface the insights you need quickly.

Retail Banking

There’s more digital banking, contact center transformation, and self-service expectations than ever. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for retail banking helps you put your customers at the forefront of your systems, teams, and technology by enhancing the experience for your internal teams and customers. It’s possible to get your referrals up, update your digital-first service options, and deepen your customer relationships.

Drive End User Adoption with FSC Consulting Expertise


Implementing FSC is one thing, getting your end users to actually start seeing value from it is another. That’s why we’ve documented a comprehensive adoption process that will empower you and your team to successfully leverage the platform. Download our whitepaper to learn more.


Shorten Your Time to Value with Analytics Tailored to Financial Services Firms


Financial firms have long been beneficiaries of advanced analytics. In this whitepaper, we help you leverage CRM Analytics to innovate on your current business processes and accelerate your path to desired outcomes. You will find case studies centered on real-world financial services success with CRM Analytics, get insight into various CRM Analytics accelerators and proven solutions that will shorten your time-to-value, and more.


Managed Services for Financial Services Cloud

Whether you’re just getting started or have been on FSC for years, we can help you maximize your investment with continued, progressive releases of out-of-the-box best practices for retail banking, commercial and investment banking, wealth, lending, and insurance.

Through Elevate, our Salesforce managed services offering, we provide:

  • Ongoing assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your solution.
  • Fine-tuned solutions to accommodate changes to your business and data.
  • Enhancement and expansion of your solution with additional capabilities.
  • Access to specialized skill sets in addition to FSC, such as Tableau, CRM Analytics, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, MuleSoft and other integrations, business analysis, data science, and more.
  • Fully managed devops for release cycles — thorough QA testing, regression testing, and automated testing tools to ensure the highest quality of each release.

Our Partners

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As CRM Analytics experts, we unlock our customers’ data to surface insights where users actually work — across sales, service, and marketing. Our approach combines deep Salesforce implementation expertise with data science innovation and best practices.

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Access key data insights and manage your relationships with a 360 view and experience within Salesforce — with time-saving efficiencies provided by MuleSoft, the #1 integration and API platform.​

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As Salesforce platform consulting and technical experts, we combine CRM strategy, industry expertise, and extensive Tableau implementation expertise to drive results on the Tableau platform.

Proven Success With FSC Consulting


Newrez is a mortgage company that provides full service from origination through servicing. They’re dedicated to delivering exceptional lending options with an easy application process for both their customers and strategic business-to-business partnerships.

Newrez looked to invest in further digitizing their processes and enabling their teams to service the customer in the channel of their choice. The company chose Financial Services Cloud for Mortgage, MuleSoft, CRM Analytics, and Service Cloud to provide an intelligent experience across loan origination and servicing.

Newrez partnered with Atrium to design the end-to-end process for cross-functional collaboration and replatform to an omnichannel implementation with Financial Services Cloud.

Ready To Talk?

We're ready to help you with expert FSC consulting tailored to your business. Let us be your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation guide.