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Growing and Retaining Deposits in Retail Banking

Use your transaction data with the power of predictive analytics to boost deposit growth and retain accounts

Today, retail banks and credit unions rely all too often on reactive measures to identify the myriad reasons behind lost deposits and accounts. While reaching out to customers after the fact to prevent additional account closings or withdrawals can potentially stop further attrition, it isn’t likely to regain lost deposits or reopen accounts successfully.

Fortunately, it’s the right time in the financial services industry to solve for customer attrition and the loss of deposits. Thanks to increased availability of transaction data and advancements in data analytics, retail banks and credit unions can meet customers’ changing expectations and get ahead in a competitive landscape. With a holistic approach to growing and retaining deposits, we can help you retain existing customers, increase deposit growth, enhance the customer experience, and see cost savings and operational efficiencies in the process.

The Value of Growing and Retaining Deposits

Atrium’s growing and retaining deposits solution enables retail bank and credit union employees to proactively prevent attrition, detect red flags early, target upselling opportunities, personalize the customer experience, and improve profitability.

Minimize Reactive Measures

By proactively engaging customers, you can personalize the customer experience, increase satisfaction, and prevent further attrition — avoiding lost profits and wasted time with reactive measures.

Early Detection of Red Flags

Detect early signs of dissatisfaction and fraud, enabling proactive risk mitigation. Address concerns quickly, showcase your commitment to satisfaction, and retain customers more easily.

Target Marketing and Upselling Opportunities

Identify existing customers fit for upselling opportunities by tailoring offerings to their preferences. Align financial products and personal banking services with customer goals and drive additional deposits.

Enhance Customer Experience and Financial Well-Being

Offer personalized insights for effective financial management, fostering customer trust and loyalty. Also, provide personalized planning or budgeting tools to overspending customers.

Customer 360 with Salesforce Data Cloud

Know more and upsell to your existing customer base and identify new customers with Salesforce Data Cloud. With intelligence, real-time data, and security as a foundation, Data Cloud brings the power of automation, analytics, AI, data, and integration together to create a single view of the customer across any cloud. Our team of certified Salesforce experts have years of experience working within all core and industry clouds, analytics, and customizations across every aspect of the Salesforce platform. We can help you use Data Cloud to meet your customer experience goals, support revenue growth, and successfully integrate with your existing data sources and systems, such as Tableau and Snowflake.

Financial Services Cloud Consulting

Financial Services Cloud by Salesforce is a platform that helps cultivate long-lasting customer relationships with personalized, proactive advice. It makes it easier for retail banks and credit unions to provide high-touch banking service by incorporating features that increase productivity and engagement. Whether you are new to using Financial Services Cloud or looking to optimize your use, our team is available to assist you in getting the most out of your investment.

We Know Financial Services

We help financial services businesses in consumer banking, wealth management, and mortgage create compelling, intelligent experiences to attract and retain clients and achieve ROI on data science investments in the process.

Financial Services

Atrium is revolutionizing retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management, credit unions, and mortgage with actionable analytics and AI-powered predictions and recommendations.​ Our solutions use CRM strategy, best-in-breed technology, and data analytics and engineering to help financial services firms maximize their IT investments.

Retail Banking

Retail banking has changed considerably over the years, with digital banking, contact center transformation, and more self-service expectations than ever. To maintain steady growth, retail banks need to be able to retain and grow deposits and accounts. Atrium has solutions that can help retail banks acquire new accounts and grow deposits with existing ones.

Enabling a Modern Retail Banking Customer Experience

Atrium helped Wells Fargo rethink their customer journey, including an 18-month roadmap of Salesforce capabilities and enhancements. We helped Wells Fargo visualize a plan to deliver a seamless, personalized experience, using out-of-the-box functionality such as Marketing Cloud Journeys, Servicing Journeys, and Event Management (Appointments) in order to meet customers where they are with their financial goals.

Our Partners

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Simplifying access to information from Snowflake can drive better decision-making and business outcomes in Salesforce. As experts in Snowflake and Salesforce, we guide retail banks using best practices on both platforms.

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We combine CRM strategy, data science, Snowflake, and Tableau software implementation expertise to drive sustainable business intelligence solutions on the Tableau platform for retail banks and business across all industries.

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Our certified Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable retail banks to use and optimize the power and flexibility of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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