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Data-Driven Relationship Management in Wealth Management

Reduce attrition and increase client lifetime value by anticipating client needs with analytics surfacing insights into financial advisor performance and key client moments

Wealth managers are in the business of managing wealth and assets — but equally important are the client relationships: consistently delivering trust and transparency while staying one step ahead of your clients’ expectations and an evolving market.

Using client segmentation and data analytics, relationship managers in wealth management can gain a deeper understanding of their book of business and gather additional AUM by uncovering critical insights about clients for proactive, personalized engagement. By more intentionally and intelligently monitoring life events, money movement, and changes in the household, relationship managers can anticipate client needs and prioritize the most pressing next actions. In turn, you can better understand advisor performance and better manage you and your team’s most important daily activities to reduce attrition and improve scalability for the long term.

Benefits of a Data-Driven Relationship Management Solution for Wealth Managers

By making use of automation for manual or time-consuming tasks, you can increase visibility for relationship managers and prioritize their business development activities, increase revenue, expand existing household wallet share, and assets under management.

Deepen Client Relationships with 360 Visibility

Curate highly customized and personalized advice and service with wealth personas and ideal prospects mapped to products and services based on client engagement, historical data, and seamless integration of data sources.

Increase Advisor Productivity by Streamlining Non-Revenue Activities

Automate reminders, data entry and paperwork management, appointment scheduling, document management, reporting and analytics, and early marketing engagement activities so advisors can spend more time prospecting and building relationships with clients.

Next Generation Relationship Targeting

Leverage data science to build relationships with the next generation and expand your relationships with current households that are likely to be the recipients of significant inheritances.

Reduce Client Attrition

Get ahead of client life events and disruptions that trigger a reassessment of financial goals and investment strategies (e.g., death, divorce, birth of a child, etc.) and bolster client interactions with relevant advice — improving overall client satisfaction.

Improve Advisor Onboarding, Ramp Time, and Retention

Reduce ramp time and improve advisor retention through automation, actionable insights, and comprehensive client and prospect visibility — all achieved through consistent and sustainable processes.

Increase Referral Conversions with COI and Referral Optimization

Understand your COI and referral sources that are most likely to convert. Proactively nurture relationships with the most potential and build relationships with the pipeline of leads from events, local marketing, and referrals, including bank branches and other referral centers.

Financial Services Cloud Consulting

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud is a platform that aims to foster long-lasting client relationships through personalized, proactive advice. The cloud-based platform allows for increased efficiency, scalability, and flexibility for wealth management clients and relationship managers alike, improving the overall experience and enabling wealth management firms to grow their business. Whether you are new to using Financial Services Cloud or looking to optimize your use, our team is available to assist you in getting the most out of your investment.

Data Insights Powered by Snowflake

One of the key benefits of using Snowflake is the ability to easily integrate data from various sources, such as customer information from multiple systems. This provides a more complete and accurate view of the client, which can be used to better understand their needs and tailor service accordingly.

Snowflake features data governance to protect customer data, ensuring regulatory compliance. It enables data analytics to reveal patterns, trends and highlight client segmentation based on behavior, demographics and other attributes. With a team of certified SnowPros, we’re equipped to help you get the most value out of Snowflake.

We Know Financial Services

We help financial services businesses in banking, wealth management, and mortgage create compelling, intelligent experiences to attract and retain clients and achieve ROI on data science investments in the process.

Financial Services

Atrium is revolutionizing retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management, credit unions, and mortgage with actionable analytics and AI-powered predictions and recommendations.​ Our solutions use CRM strategy, best-in-breed technology, and data analytics and engineering to help financial services firms maximize their IT investments.

Wealth Management

What’s the key to an asset management firm’s success? Growth opportunities. Referral conversions and the overall number of households you can expand to directly contribute to your ability to grow. Our Salesforce consulting services for wealth management provides you the data and subsequent insights you need to meet your client’s financial goals and extend your reach.

Predictive Insights for Wealth Managers in Tableau

Get a firsthand look at our business science embedded predictive dashboard built in Tableau for helping wealth managers better achieve client goals and foster lasting client relationships.

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We specialize in data-driven strategy across many Salesforce clouds, including Financial Services Cloud. From advisory services to managed services, we can help you maximize ROI on your Salesforce investment through proven solutions and the effective use of data.

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As the market leader in providing intelligent experience solutions on the Salesforce platform, we combine CRM strategy, data science, and Tableau implementation expertise to drive sustainable solutions on the Tableau platform for wealth management firms.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

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