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Salesforce for Medtech

Using data to identify deficiencies and build new relationships

Drive Business Growth and Provide Intuitive Service and Support

Medtech providers face an uphill battle when it comes to knowing the precise needs of those they serve, and whether their teams are focusing their efforts in the correct areas. Salesforce for medtech can help you identify at-risk relationships, find opportunities for new growth, and provide you with the knowledge to protect and support current customers and patients.

Our Comprehensive Solutions for Medtech

Maximize sales capacity and productivity, prove the value of products and equipment to HCPs, and improve customer and patient outcomes with our robust set of solutions for medtech companies.

Revenue and Sales Management

Take advantage of the shift toward data-driven CRM for medical device companies. Our revenue and sales management solution for medtech maximizes sales capacity and productivity by optimizing territory assignments and customer coverage while improving visibility into revenue with recommended actions for improving pipeline and deal health.

Value-Based Analytics

Atrium’s value-based analytics solution for medtech leverages data across multiple sources such as ERP systems, third parties, and the devices themselves to enable medical device manufacturers to show HCPs the value of their products and equipment. The benefits are twofold: the outcomes this drives for you and the outcomes it drives for providers.

Commercial Excellence

CPQ processes in the medtech industry can be inefficient, slow, and lack intelligent automation to suggest the right mix of products at the right price. Atrium’s commercial excellence solution helps medtech companies streamline sales operations and boost distributor productivity, ultimately increasing revenue and margins.

Benefits of Salesforce for Medtech

We’re ready to help you achieve streamlined care coordination, identify target accounts, predict and prevent attrition, and more.

Account & Opportunity Targeting

Is your sales team (inside or in the field) spending time on the most impactful accounts and opportunities?

Combine historical sales data with external market data to identify accounts with the highest growth potential and propensity to buy.

Account & Territory Health

Are you driving account growth and protecting against customer attrition by tracking engagement and satisfaction at both the HCP and provider level?

Develop and display health scores for account and territories, along with recommended actions for improvement.

Predictive Forecasting

Is your quarterly forecast as accurate as possible? Are you taking the right actions to drive win rate up? Using opportunity and order history, develop a predictive forecasting model accompanied by pipeline analytics and recommended actions for improving close rates and win rates.

Personalized Patient Care Journeys

Is your care coordination team able to efficiently provide personal guidance to patients throughout their journey? Can patients reach care coordinators at their preferred time in their preferred channel? No more siloed systems in the way.

Intelligent Customer Service

Are you providing the highest quality service to your HCPs and providers? Efficiently and in service to your business’s account growth goals? Don’t let disparate systems frustrate agents to the point of attrition.

Field Inventory Management

Are you making the most of your field inventory? Often kits get split and stock builds up in the field where it remains unused and “invisible.” Meanwhile, elsewhere, your field technicians may be short a part.

Proven Success with Salesforce for Medtech

Intuitive Surgical, Inc. is an American corporation that develops, manufactures, and markets robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery, most notably with the da Vinci Surgical System.

Intuitive Surgical wanted to revamp the way they conduct business with their customers by directing conversations toward customer goals and tracking outcomes. Atrium made information central, accessible, and actionable with CRM Analytics and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

To date, 38 customer-facing, brand compliant dashboards are populated with data captured in Salesforce, ISI EDW, and third parties. We consolidated information into CRM Analytics, allowing reps to perform custom what-if analysis inside of Salesforce and see real-time results by updating metrics before meeting with hospital executives.

Our Partners in Medtech

certified salesforce consultant

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps your team dig into critical customer data, surface actionable insights, and personalize every stage of the customer lifecycle.​

As Salesforce platform consulting and technical experts, we combine CRM strategy, data science, and extensive Tableau implementation expertise to drive results on the Tableau platform.

mulesoft partner and consultant

It’s a clear goal: Know your customers and support them on their patient journey with a 360 view and experience within Salesforce — with time-saving efficiencies provided by MuleSoft, the #1 integration and API platform.​

Do More Than Just Manage With Salesforce

Through Elevate, our Salesforce managed services offering, we help companies like yours get more value out of the Salesforce platform and related technologies.

How Can Elevate Help My Organization?

  • Ongoing assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your solution.
  • Fine-tuned solutions to accommodate changes to your business and data.
  • Enhancement and expansion of your solution with additional capabilities.
  • Access to specialized skill sets, such as Tableau, CRM Analytics, Salesforce, business analysis, data science, and more.

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