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Campaign 360 and Sales Optimization for Media

Accelerate ad sales with data-intelligent CRM that gives visibility into the whole campaign lifecycle from pipeline to delivery

Drive Business Growth and Provide Intuitive Service and Support

With a saturated market, media publishers are looking to wow their advertisers more than ever and face fierce competition in selling their ad space. Advertisers want clear data and ROI insights when connecting to the publisher’s audiences. To differentiate themselves, publishers need to optimize their sales teams and arm them with visibility to data analytics and actionable insights to support significant findings, like at-risk relationships, and allow them to provide value to their clients.

Unfortunately, key data is often siloed or outdated. Disparate data sources force sales teams to rely on ad operations and analytics teams for campaign insights, which leads to a slower sales cycle, less transparency, and inefficient sales processes.

By surfacing campaign performance insights within Salesforce, sales teams can see their advertiser campaign lifecycle from pipeline to delivery — allowing them to have data-infused conversations with their clients. Ad sales teams can help their clients optimize their spend as well as cut down on response times. Insights into contextual targeting for advertisers will put the publisher at the forefront of advertiser spend and ahead of the competition.

Accelerate Ad Sales With Campaign Performance and Delivery Insights

Atrium’s Advertising Sales Management solution accelerates ad sales by providing a single platform from pipeline to delivery. Whether you sell upfronts, scatter market, or both, you can understand booking comparisons YoY and advertiser spend comparisons, and shed light on the key insights you need to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and maximize ROI.

Optimize Sales with Campaign Insights

By integrating with an Order Management System and other data sources, you can provide sales with visibility into pipeline, the pacing of their customers’ spend, and how much they need to close to beat their quota.

Pacing to Goal & Predictive Goal Achievement

Track, monitor, and coach ad sellers based on current achievement to sales goals across buying and planning agencies and advertiser splits.

Proactively track predicted achievement based on customer buying patterns, upfront commitments, and close ratio.

Differentiate With Industry Spend Insights

Understand the advertiser’s industry and business size to compare what similarly sized advertisers within that industry are spending with the publisher. Provide competitive insights during the conversation to drive additional ad spend.

Mitigate Advertiser Diminishment and Churn

Provide your account teams with visibility into buying patterns and other relationship health insights such as CSAT, make-goods and under-delivery, advertiser health score, likelihood to fulfill upfront commitments, and overall client touchpoints.

Proactively manage advertiser and agency relationship risk and get ahead of potential spend diminishment.

Improve Collaboration and Campaign Execution Efficiencies

With visibility into key campaign execution and performance, ad operations can effectively optimize campaign performance based on pacing insights.

Improve collaboration with account executives with visibility into underperformance and potentially make-good situations.

Increase Accuracy with Revenue Yield Management Forecasting

Gain visibility into forecasted revenue based on when placements will be active, bookings, upfronts, campaign performance, make-goods, and past advertiser and agency buying patterns.

Enable Revenue Yield Management to maximize fill rate and price by forecasting demand across channels.

Powered by Snowflake

Surfacing the right insights for sales requires access to data across multiple departments and systems. While an Order Management System may already integrate with Salesforce, it often lacks delivery data connections due to delivery data’s sheer mass and smaller grain compared to Salesforce objects. When delivery data is housed in Snowflake, the grain can be specified and easily surfaced in a BI tool such as CRM Analytics or Tableau, enabling sellers to see the high-level delivery data they need for their sales cycle without changing the object structure of core Salesforce.

We Know Media

How do you shed light on important, relevant insights like customer buying patterns and close ratio? All too often key data is siloed or outdated. How do you see if you’re on pace to meet internal goals and upfront commitments? Do you have the data analytics and actionable insights to support significant findings like at-risk relationships? Get to know our expertise in Salesforce across ad sales, ad operations, and self-service advertising and analytics.

Customer Success in Accelerating Ad Sales

Subscription Streaming Service

Atrium worked with a major subscription streaming service to centralize ad orders, bookings, and goal information. The solution provided an intelligent experience via embedded dashboards within existing ad sales executives’ workflow.

The new system gives insight to ad sales executives on current pacing and enables individuals to drill down and find problem accounts quickly and easily. Also, predictive models using external data sources now prioritize seller activities — making sure the right deals get attention at the right time.

The Technologies

certified salesforce consultant

We specialize in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, as well as advertising sales management for Media Cloud. Help your ad sales teams dig into key advertiser/agency data, provide more robust self-service, and maximize ROI on your Salesforce investment.

As the market leader in providing intelligent experience solutions on the Salesforce platform, we combine CRM strategy, data science, and Tableau implementation expertise to drive sustainable solutions on the Tableau platform.

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Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

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