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Self-Service Advertising and Analytics for Media Publishers

Enable a more efficient sales cycle and deepen advertiser trust with a self-service ad solution that delivers quick insight into campaign performance

Self-service advertising has boomed in popularity over the last decade on social media platforms, but not every company that sells ad space has a self-service advertising platform. Without it, media companies are leaving money on the table that could be brought in by small and midsize advertisers.

In the current market, convenient insights into campaign performance will make a publisher more attractive to advertisers who are trying not only to reach consumers, but also learn more about them. Automating quick, essential insights also frees up sales teams to focus on more strategic initiatives while also strengthening the publisher-advertiser relationship. But all of this takes the right approach to marrying a self-service process with the traditional sales process, technical integrations, and process alignment.

Benefits of Self-Service Advertising and Analytics for Media Publishers

Powered by self-service analytics (i.e., Salesforce Sales Cloud and Communities), enabling self-service advertising to systems like Dan Ads not only makes the sales cycle more efficient and opens up inventory to businesses that wouldn’t otherwise buy it — it also deepens advertiser trust with quick insight into campaign performance.

A Single Platform from Purchase to Performance with Increased Control and Improved Targeting

Give advertisers increased control of bid and audience targeting to increase ad effectiveness and surface campaign performance analytics on that same platform — a streamlined, time-saving workflow that is a win-win for advertiser and publisher alike.

Differentiate with Campaign Performance Visibility and Data Insights

In addition to giving small businesses full lifecycle capabilities with self-service, large advertising clients can report on post-campaign analytics autonomously — without needing to engage with the sales team.

Increase Revenue Streams and Overall Ad Space Value

By enabling self-service advertising you are increasing overall revenue streams by opening up efficient access to new markets. Additionally, with increased bid competition due to self-service advertisers, the value of ad space increases overall.

Decrease Overhead Costs

Scaling a sales team to meet the needs of small business advertisers is not always realistic. By providing advertisers self-service capabilities, you open the door to small businesses and new markets without the cost and effort of expanding a sales team.

Increase Inventory Sell Out with Sales Optimization

Eliminate bottlenecks in the sales process with a no-touch client experience that doesn’t require meeting minimum spend requirements necessary for engaging the sales team.

Increase NPS With a Digital Experience

Automating quick, essential insights frees up the sales team to focus on more strategic initiatives while also strengthening the relationship between publisher and advertiser — a boost for NPS.

Powered by Snowflake

Surfacing the right insights for advertisers requires access to data across multiple departments and systems. While an Order Management System may already integrate with Salesforce, it often lacks delivery data connections due to delivery data’s sheer mass and smaller grain compared to Salesforce objects. When delivery data is housed in Snowflake, the grain can be specified and easily surfaced in a BI tool such as CRM Analytics or Tableau, enabling advertisers to see the high-level delivery performance data they need via the self-service platform without the publisher needing to change the object structure of core Salesforce.

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How do you shed light on important, relevant insights like customer buying patterns and close ratio? All too often key data is siloed or outdated. How do you see if you’re on pace to meet internal goals and upfront commitments? Do you have the data analytics and actionable insights to support significant findings like at-risk relationships? Get to know our expertise in Salesforce across ad sales, ad operations, and self-service advertising and analytics.

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