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A “Virtual” Transition from College to Work Life

In the midst of one of the world’s most difficult times, a crew of fresh graduates from across the country began their Atrium journeys. Working from an office was not possible, due to the global pandemic, and simply stepping out of your own house seemed life threatening.

For most, this was brand new territory. Even for those who had already been working remotely, it was still a challenging adjustment. But for us fresh graduates making the shift from college life to a professional environment, things were considerably more challenging. From virtual onboarding to meeting our colleagues over a Google Meet, we had a lot to learn.

Despite our physical distance, veteran Atrians left no stone unturned in helping us adapt to the company culture via a variety of sessions on basic business etiquette. Atrium also hosted many virtual events throughout this time to not only bridge the physical gaps within our respective regions, but also to share cultural diversity across the global teams.

Unfortunately, some folks fell ill with the virus, including me. Atrium provided undeterred support to these employees, encouraging time off and regularly checking in on their well-being, including that of their families. The care and compassion shown by HR and our colleagues gave real meaning behind the concept of an “Atrium family.”

So here I am, 8 months into my tenure at Atrium, and I can easily say our company did its very best to manage our virtual “welcome into the fold.” Even though it’s been a great experience so far, we still look forward to going into the office and interacting with everyone in person. I am grateful to everyone at Atrium who has been a wonderful source of guidance, supporting my smooth transition from college to the professional world.

To the next class of Luminates, and to all who join the company, I just want to affirm that when we say “Welcome to the Atrium family,” we truly mean it and we proved it by passing this tough time together.

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