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Atrium Creates Machine Learning Model Broker Service to Improve Artificial Intelligence Adoption and User Experience

Atrium uses industry expertise and common use case patterns to help companies blend predictive insights with leading business intelligence and CRM platforms

(INDIANAPOLIS – May 12, 2020) – Atrium, a next-generation consulting company that leads enterprises through business transformation with AI and analytics, today announced the creation of their Machine Learning Model Broker service, which will help companies to integrate current data science platform investments with industry-leading business intelligence and CRM platforms. The Model Broker is intended to serve companies that possess data science expertise but face significant challenges in operationalizing machine learning models in ways that are actionable to large corporate user populations.

With this service, companies will be enabled to consume predictive insights from platforms like, Einstein Discovery, Amazon Sagemaker, and DataRobot by quickly integrating information from those tools to leading cloud platforms.

While AI solutions remain a top priority for companies, industry analysts like Gartner predict that 85% of AI projects through 2022 will fail to produce results. “Companies are finding that building AI models and getting them into the hands of users in order to get value from them can be a struggle,” said Jason Halpern, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Atrium. “Whether you’re using machine learning models built natively into your cloud platforms or integrating predictions with best-of-breed machine learning platforms, orchestrating a seamless user experience is critical to maximizing value from your data science investments.”

By implementing the Model Broker, companies will have a seamless user experience without the administrative burden of developing custom integration points between AI platforms and cloud applications. It allows for minimal configuration of cloud platforms and AI platforms in order to receive real-time predictive scoring and insights. Users see insights where they need them, and the data is retrieved on demand without the need for extensive custom integration. The Model Broker also gives system administrators the ability to configure connection points between best-of-breed machine learning platforms and systems of engagement without custom code, and provides companies the best path to maximizing the value of both their IT platforms and their data science investments.

“Our goal with the Model Broker is to dramatically improve the success rate of AI adoption by allowing companies to streamline their ability to blend best-of-breed machine learning platforms with leading cloud platforms and systems of engagement,” said Eric Loftsgaarden, VP of Data Science at Atrium. “The Model Broker will allow for larger user audiences to act upon AI predictions in the context of their normal workflow.”

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