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How Is Salesforce Health Cloud Enhancing the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Salesforce Health Cloud: How It Helps the Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare has been one of the most disruptive industries, pushing all life sciences and healthcare organizations to constantly adapt and evolve. The most successful healthcare organizations procure technology and services that empower them to create the best connected experience for patients.

Salesforce Health Cloud offers the intelligent capabilities you get with the traditional CRM, as well as industry-specific features, providing all the bells and whistles you need to create a seamless patient experience and excel as an organization. Health Cloud does not replace electronic health records (EHR), but it extends the EHR system’s capabilities.

Benefits for Providers

A holistic view of patient data

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a 360-degree customer view that becomes one source of truth for businesses. It includes the patient’s current health, programming history, medication history, care team, doctors, clinical and non-clinical details, and many more.

Better Patient Experience

You can develop a customized healthcare plan according to the patient’s needs to build a strong connection with patients. With the flexibility of Salesforce Health Cloud, patients can easily roll in these care plans.

Easy Coordination and Interaction

Using a private Salesforce community within the Health Cloud brings payers, providers, and patients into a central hub. Care coordinators can easily connect and provide services across all caregiver networks. By expanding the Salesforce Health Cloud to mobile platforms, you can securely communicate with patients through their mobile devices.

Benefits for Clients

360-degree Member View

Salesforce provides a complete overview of member profiles to grasp their journey from enrollment to service, active risk identification, and real-time integration.

Easy Feedback

Collecting feedback to assess performance and determine problems as soon as they appear is crucial. An organization can use tools like survey solutions on Salesforce App Exchange to include user-friendly surveys in their outbound strategy, making it straightforward to track engagement.

Intelligent Care Management System

Salesforce Health Cloud makes it easy to identify risks, determinants, and barriers to healthcare for high risks and assess potential challenges. It provides guided workflows, usage management, and customized maintenance plans to help tackle any issue.

Benefits for Medical Device Companies

Enable Account-based forecasting

Account-based forecasting using Einstein AI is another benefit provided by the Salesforce Health Cloud to offer an accurate forecast of sales reps.

Empower Sales and Account Teams

With centralized data, immediate insights, and task automation, sales and account teams can collaborate to produce visibility into agreement terms with real-time insights.

Enhance Patient’s Experience

Build and scale patient programs to scale back operational prices and drive patient engagement with the assistance of omnichannel communications and digital consent management.

Benefits for Biotech/Pharma Companies

Personalized Patient Experience

Pharmaceutical companies can personalize their needs by connecting with their patients through the device or system they want, viewing the patient’s journey at any time.

Specific Compilation of Data 

With an HL7-compatible interface, healthcare providers can easily manage EHR integrations, EHR Data objects, and individual patient models through this platform. The Salesforce Health Cloud assessment feature enables healthcare professionals to better understand their patients by obtaining measurable, accurate, and customized observations.

Salesforce Health Cloud can create better patient experiences, provide them with satisfying services and provide high-quality care at reasonable costs. Patients can choose treatment plans from Private Groups, communicate with healthcare professionals, easily find answers to frequently asked questions, and save time by filling out paperwork before an appointment.

Need help getting started with Salesforce Health Cloud, or taking your current Salesforce org to the next level? Learn more about our services in life sciences.

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