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How Tableau Pulse Can Help You Cultivate and Democratize Data Insights

How Tableau Pulse Can Help You Cultivate and Democratize Data Insights

Tableau Pulse was introduced at Tableau Conference in the spring and again at Dreamforce in the fall of 2023. It has gained considerable buzz in the months since, to say the least, with a public launch slated for spring 2024. You may be here because you’re wondering, for starters, what exactly is Pulse? How can it help users unlock the next generation of Tableau functionality? This overview should give you a good idea as to what’s in store with Pulse from an analytics perspective.

We hope this helps you understand how Pulse can accelerate your BI maturity, moving away from data proliferation and disparate reporting to automated, intuitive, metric-driven data analysis.

What is Tableau Pulse?

Tableau Pulse is powered by Tableau AI (built on Einstein Trust Layer) and enables both analysts and business stakeholders to gain insights and take action from their data more efficiently. Pulse is a platform that allows users to build the metrics they need in a consumable and user-friendly format with automation of insights and less code.

Tableau Pulse Metrics: Today's Pulse

End result: users can increase their time to value and enable more effective decisions and actionability within their organization. Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data and continues its major focus to democratize data. Pulse is the next step in helping organizations do just that. To clarify definitions (as outlined by Tableau):

  • Tableau AI is the foundation of generative AI for the Tableau platform that powers  analytics trust, scalability, and growth.
  • Tableau Pulse is a reimagined data experience that empowers every employee with smart, personalized, and contextual insights delivered within their workflow.

To put more simply, Pulse is the canvas for users to cultivate and share impactful metrics that matter to their business the most, through an intuitive user interface right within the platform. Creating and sharing metrics that matter has never been easier. 

A simple, intelligent, integrated BI experience

Tableau Pulse is a powerful platform to cultivate and democratize insights within your organization. Below are some highlights of the capabilities within Pulse:

  • Simple connection to your data sources so that you can begin building metrics and insights immediately.
  • Create alignment across teams, through data integrity and consistent metrics that can be consumed by everyone. Gone are the days of not knowing what analysis to trust! 
  • Build insights more quickly, removing the need to drag and drop and choose what chart types you want to show. Pulse can build it for you! 
  • Display the KPIs you personally care about within the flow of your existing analytics workflow. Metrics can be easily interpreted by users of all levels of data literacy through a consistent look and feel.
  • Drill down to understand KPI patterns and causes. The focus is less on “building insights” and more on what your data is telling you about your business.
  • Consume insights where you need them, via browser, email, and Slack (i.e., anywhere you work).

Tableau Pulse: Slack Integration

Moving to Tableau Cloud

Tableau Pulse is the next step in accelerating your BI maturity. It is important to note that for Pulse, and future AI features at large, being on Tableau Cloud is an important foundation. If you’re considering a migration to Tableau Cloud, you may be familiar with some of the benefits: lower total cost of ownership, removing the burden of maintenance from IT, and increased opportunity for innovation. Pulse can be a big part of building that innovative mindset within your organization. Fortunately, the Atrium team has expertise in moving businesses to Tableau Cloud and we can help you do the same.

Watch a demo: See Tableau Pulse in action

Watch a clip showcasing Tableau Pulse from our webinar with Tableau on driving real business outcomes with generative AI:

A Tableau partner that can guide you to success

At Atrium, we work closely with the Pulse product team and Tableau leadership in an effort to help our customers maximize the value of these features and enhancements. 

We see Pulse as a major catalyst for organizations to accelerate their move up the BI maturity curve. From structuring your data for better user consumption, enablement on how to build the most effective metrics, to change management and building data literacy within your organization, Atrium can help. Leverage this opportunity to take the full advantage of your data and analytics assets. We have specialists across data engineering, analytics, and change enablement to help you be successful in doing just that.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you take advantage of Tableau Pulse.