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Infographic: Preventing Customer Churn Using Snowflake

Here’s a problem businesses deal with all too often: miscommunication. As an example, let’s take a hypothetical company we’ll call Magenta Inc. who sells widgets that help their customers with everyday activities. They have sales reps that sell the product, a fulfillment center to complete the orders, and a servicing team to help answer questions and resolve customer issues. But Magenta executives are noticing that churn within their customer base has been higher than usual, and they want to understand the customer journey as their clients flow through the three teams.

Magenta put us in touch with a Senior Sales Representative (let’s call her Elaine Gadget) so we could get an idea of the current sales process and its pain points. Elaine said she could not stop thinking about the recent churn, and her inability to pinpoint the cause was making her restless. She gave us a peek into her daily routine, as well as the customer journey, so we could help her identify the problems. Review the infographic below to dive deeper into how we helped Magenta rethink customer churn and mitigate their risk using Snowflake.