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Is Your Organization Ready to Take Full Advantage of Salesforce UE+

Is Your Organization Ready to Take Full Advantage of Salesforce Einstein 1?

If you’re anything like us, you’re running — not walking — to sign up for Salesforce Einstein 1 (formerly Salesforce UE+). First announced at Dreamforce 2023 and made available in December ‘23, this new super SKU has everything you need to take your data, AI, and CRM strategy to the next level. 

What’s included with Salesforce Einstein 1?

Einstein 1 gives you the complete Salesforce solutions already included in Unlimited Edition (UE), plus additional capabilities and tools to accelerate your data and AI strategy. 

New bundles include Einstein 1 Sales, Einstein 1 Service, and Einstein 1 for Industries (which includes out-of-the-box solutions for financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing). 

Einstein 1 gives you the best of Salesforce along with non-Salesforce tools you may already be using (like Slack), so you can eliminate extra spend on point solutions, remove silos, and consolidate your tech stack — streamlining your sales and service operations.

The tools to accelerate your AI roadmap

While this latest and greatest Salesforce bundle provides a host of new features and capabilities across the board, we’re most excited about the additional analytics and AI solutions that are included with Einstein 1. It’s clear that Salesforce is offering this suite as a way to help organizations accelerate their move to predictive data intelligence and generative AI-powered insights.

Smarter, more predictable revenue operations

With Data Cloud, generative AI, and the new addition of Revenue Intelligence, Einstein 1 provides all the tools necessary to forecast revenue more accurately and surface predictive insights across the entire buying cycle. Not only does it provide everything you need for true revenue operations, but you’re getting there faster, all while simplifying your tech stack.

The addition of Slack Sales Elevate will also streamline the sales process, centralizing information and allowing sales teams to view and update opportunities right in Slack. And with generative AI, auto-generated tasks (e.g., composing emails, scheduling meetings, etc.) will free up more time for sellers to focus on higher-value work like closing deals. 

Elevated customer experiences

Service teams looking for more actionable customer insights will get a big data-powered boost with Einstein 1 Service. With the addition of Data Cloud, CRM Analytics, and Service Intelligence, service teams can cut down on system costs, gain huge process efficiencies, and track team performance metrics at a glance.

By bringing all customer data sources together in Data Cloud, customer service teams can get a 360 view of each customer and personalize every interaction. And with generative AI eliminating unnecessary steps and busywork — like generating knowledge articles and auto-generating personalized communications — agents and customer service managers can focus on providing next-level service and winning new expansion opportunities.

So you bought Salesforce Einstein 1… Now what?

Obviously, our team is very enthusiastic about all Salesforce Einstein 1 has to offer and all the potential that is packed into this suite of solutions. However, what good is a rocket ship if you don’t know how to pilot it? You might eventually figure out how to achieve liftoff (maybe), but how do you set a course to the moon? To Mars?

You have to get the infrastructure and know-how in place to take full advantage of all the capabilities available in Einstein 1, especially when it comes to your data analytics and AI capabilities. Continuous adoption and improvement can’t be achieved without a strategic roadmap and alignment between your business goals and data processes.

Maximize your investment with an experienced Data + CRM + AI partner

Starting (or expanding) your multi-cloud Salesforce journey can be overwhelming. With Einstein 1 you get a great value, but adding new solutions means you need a comprehensive data strategy — and the expertise to execute it — to fully leverage Einstein 1 as the foundation for more predictive, data-driven sales and service. 

To get your organization where you want it to be, you need a partner who knows how to build a roadmap to take you from standalone analytics to advanced predictive insights, automation, and a single source of truth for AI and machine learning. 

Atrium’s expert team helps organizations shift from a reactive analytics strategy to a predictive, prescriptive one, with processes oriented around measurable business outcomes. We have proven success across Salesforce products, including Data Cloud, CRM Analytics, Revenue Intelligence, and Service Intelligence, as well as integrating them with your other existing systems. Wherever you are in your Salesforce journey, we can help you get the most out of your investment.

Not sure where to start with Salesforce Einstein 1? Reach out and let’s discuss your strategy.