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My Journey at Atrium: A Denizen of Learning and Development

I’ll never forget the day I received one of the most exciting phone calls of my life — a phone call giving me a glimpse of a new phase for me. A phase of becoming financially independent, of utilizing my skills in a real world setting, an opportunity to enrich my professional and personal skills. It was the day when I received the call from HR at Atrium, letting me know that my resume was selected, and that I would advance in the screening process. With the best wishes and blessings of my parents and friends, and proudly armed with my prerequisite knowledge and experience, I cleared the technical and other rounds and was offered a position within Atrium on August 5, 2019. I joined the ranks as an Associate Consultant in the Luminate Class, which consisted of four more members coming from different technical departments. 

I’m Shalini Verma. I received my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JECRC University Jaipur and graduated with a Mtech degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington, USA. I’m from Jaipur (City of Kings and Queens, also known as Pink City). It was my interest and experience in data science and machine learning which led me to apply at Atrium, knowing they were a growing consulting firm helping customers to optimize their business processes in order to understand their own clients through the power of harnessing their data.

My Project Insights

Once settled in at Atrium and undergoing training and evaluations, I officially joined the data science team. My first project objective was to develop an opportunity propensity model for a cloud software company. This was an end-to-end data science project starting with data cleaning, data preparation, feature engineering, and finally determining the first iteration of the model. Our team worked closely with the customer on fine tuning the data visualization and improving the insights.

By the project’s end, we delivered the final version, leaving the customer happy and satisfied. This experience left me with a true sense of pride in my contributions, especially in that it was my first experience applying what I had learned.

Apart from technical learning, I got to know some key points of the business process and customer interaction skills as well. This project was a complete pack for learning project flow and enhancing my technical and professional skills. Between the daily standups and the peer-to-peer learning, the sense of partnership I also felt within my project team was invaluable, and left me hungry to learn and develop my skills further.

A Beautiful Morning!

A little further along in my time here at Atrium, I woke to an exciting surprise: a shoutout on our company-wide forum was waiting for me, composed by my project manager. A thrill of pride came over me, as I felt this virtual pat on my back. “Proud of you girl. Congratulations on your first achievement.” The encouragement I felt from these few words helped to propel me on in my future projects.

Leading Cultural Initiatives

One of the best aspects of Atrium, especially in times like these where we are limited globally to virtual interaction, is the efforts that are put behind company culture. Between frequent happy hours, trivia nights, and active chat rooms, there are plenty of ways for Atrians to stay in touch, share common interests and truly feel a sense of belonging — regardless of the geographical distance between us. 

I have taken on leading the fitness team within Atrium, leading a semi-monthly challenge where Atrians are encouraged to stay moving, eat healthy, and practice all around self care. Atrium swag prizes are always a good motivator!

As my journey at Atrium continues, I’m like a denizen to its landscape of learning and development. I’ve come a long way, and it’s an exciting road of challenge and reward! 

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