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Demo: Connect Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce Data Cloud

Connect Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce Data Cloud

Demo Connect Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce Data Cloud Get a firsthand look at Einstein Studio with AWS SageMaker and see how it allows you to leverage data within Data Cloud to train a model and ultimately score live data back within Data Cloud. As the engagement platform of choice for many sales, marketing, and customer […]

AWS re:Invent 2021: New Developments Lead to New Opportunities

AWS reInvent 2 021

Author: Jason Halpern, Christopher R. Barbour, Ph.D.   AWS re:Invent returned to Las Vegas in person for its annual conference this past year. In addition to the return of large crowds, long-distance power walks and social encounters in the Vegas nightlife, it also brought announcements and discussions on both service announcements and use-cases being solved […]

AppFlow: The “Glue” Between AWS and Salesforce

Modern enterprise organizations are continuing to adapt data science solutions in multi-cloud environments, driving the importance of the ability to seamlessly integrate data across environments in a simple and secure way. In many of these organizations, sales representatives, support services, and marketing experts spend the majority of their time within a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management […]

AWS re:Invent 2020: Innovation, Surprises, and New Opportunities

Last month, a most unusual AWS re:Invent came to an end. This year featured none of the crowds, ultra-marathon walks, or nightlife we have come to expect from years prior. It was, however, jam-packed with information on new services being offered by AWS. At Atrium, our relationship with AWS has always been, and will likely […]

2019 re:Invent re:Cap

Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference was quite the experience and included hundreds of sessions covering a wide range of topics. But the clear frontrunners were analytics and machine learning (ML). Andy Jessy, CEO of AWS, emphasized AWS’ ability to provide AI/ML tooling, process and infrastructure. A good portion of his announcements through the first two […]