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Atrium’s Look Back at 2020: A Year of Challenges, Opportunities, and New Beginnings

For most people, 2021 isn’t just a new year. It’s a move toward possibilities, and hopefully being able to embrace experiences we’ve lost or postponed in 2020. At Atrium, we’ve been fortunate to have had a rewarding year together — even at a distance. As we close out a truly unforgettable 2020, Chris Heineken, our CEO, has appreciation and good wishes to share with our customers and partners:

“A big thank you to our customers. Thank you for entrusting us with your most important initiatives. We get into the daily focus around scope and budget, timelines, outcomes — all of these things — and it’s great to zoom out for a moment and just say: thank you for involving and trusting us.

And thank you to our partners. We share a common vision and mission in the market, and we’re collectively bringing our thoughts and our technologies to help our customers create amazing opportunities around analytics, machine learning, and data-driven programs characterized around systems of intelligence. I’m looking forward to 2021 and I hope to be together with all of you in person someday soon.”

About those significant initiatives, thoughts, and technologies… Good news! We’ve rounded up some of our most exciting stories and business highlights from 2020 to share with you.

We Launched Insight Track, Our Video Interview Series

In a year defined by screen time, we made the most of the opportunity for virtual community with a brand-new video interview series hosted by Chris. Our Insight Track series brings together some of the greatest minds in and around the technology industry to discuss analytics and machine learning use cases, innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem, and other trending topics.

Our most recent Insight Track guests include Anthony Rizzo (Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Financial Services at Salesforce), David Gibbons (Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce), and Philip Cooper (VP, Product, Tableau CRM).

Catch up on every Insight Track episode.

We Made Major Partnership Announcements: Snowflake and AWS

In May, we announced a partnership with Snowflake, the integrated cloud data platform delivered as a service, in order to further assist enterprises in leveraging their data through the power of AI.

“Atrium is a great addition to the Snowflake Partner Program. Their focus on helping companies evolve legacy analytics investments into a modern data architecture is a perfect fit for Snowflake customers,” said Kevin Miller, Vice President of Global Systems Integrators at Snowflake. “Atrium’s success in the market is lowering the barriers for companies to take advantage of cloud-based analytics and AI.”

Read the press release about the Atrium-Snowflake partnership.

In November, we announced an expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to further assist enterprises in leveraging their data through the power of AI. Our service offerings, powered by AWS, can help businesses further evolve their investments in business intelligence by improving access to AWS.

“We are very excited to be formalizing our relationship with AWS. In reality, most of us have been working with AWS for years, moving systems and applications from client data centers to the cloud,” said Lonnie Gray, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Atrium. “As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we look forward to working with AWS and continuing to leverage services like Amazon SageMaker for our customers.”

Read the press release about Atrium’s expanded relationship with AWS.

We Were Recognized by Salesforce for Our Analytics Excellence

In 2020, we were recognized by Salesforce for analytics excellence as a consulting partner… more than once! Here are the highlights…

We Won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award: Tableau CRM Partner Category

It’s an honor just to be nominated, but winning feels great too! We were selected by Salesforce as the FY21 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winner in Tableau CRM based on merit. According to Salesforce, our victory was largely due to our year-over-year revenue growth and alignment with Salesforce’s sales strategy, as well as our continued commitment and proven excellence with Tableau CRM.

It’s official! Read Salesforce’s announcement of the 2020 Partner Innovation Award winners.

We Achieved Salesforce Master Navigator Designation

In February, we announced that we had achieved Salesforce Master Navigator designation for delivering expertise and depth of knowledge in the Einstein product family.

“We are thrilled to recognize Atrium as a Salesforce Master Navigator in Einstein Analytics for their deep expertise and their ability to deliver the highest level of customer success in that category,” says J.C. Collins, SVP and COO, industries & partners, Salesforce.

Read more about the Salesforce Master Navigator designation.

We Achieved Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner Status in Canada and India

Going for the gold! As we continue to grow our team, we’re proud to be recognized in Canada and India for our customer status, practice buildout, and momentum.

We Launched Cultivate, Our Brand-New Social Good Program

Since we were founded in 2018, we’ve made AI and machine learning for a greater good a cornerstone of our ideology and practice through our involvement with organizations such as But in September, we took our commitment to social good to the next level by launching our Cultivate program, the purpose of which is to donate time and expertise to nonprofit customers and charitable organizations. In doing so, we also partnered with Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business.

“We are proud to welcome Atrium to our growing community and are so excited to see another innovative technology company take the pledge and inspire other business leaders as well,” said Amy Lesnick, Chief Executive of Pledge 1%.

Get to know Cultivate and our social good initiatives.

We Helped People Get Back to Work With Elevate and Business Resilience Workshops

During the pandemic, innovation took a backseat for most businesses. But we helped many of our customers get more out of their existing investments or see success with new technologies to gear up for an even stronger 2021.

We Grew Elevate, Our Managed Services for Data Science

Most businesses have trouble with adoption when it comes to AI. Many know the value for their unique use cases or see the possibilities, but struggle to implement, integrate, and scale AI solutions. Good timing though because in 2020, we grew Elevate, our managed services offering for data science — closing out the year with eleven Elevate customers and many more customer briefings on the market landscape and resilience strategies.

Through Elevate, we help businesses with existing or new investments in analytics and AI. With the feedback, ideation, and new ideas we’ve launched with customers, we’re excited to see exponential growth in 2021 and help more businesses achieve breakthrough outcomes and ongoing success with analytics and AI.

Learn more about Elevate, our managed services for data science.

We Held Business Resilience Workshops

With so many people struggling to adapt to drastic changes at work and at home, we wanted to help more businesses thrive during a difficult time. We held business resilience workshops to help organizations:

  • Get ready for the post-COVID market shift.
  • Turn data into insight and actions for new business patterns.
  • Plan and prioritize business activities to align to post-COVID objectives.

Plus, you can still schedule a business resilience workshop with our team.

We Brought Dreamforce to You

Virtual Dreamforce? No talk of comfortable shoes or where to do a group dinner without reservations around Moscone in San Francisco? Fortunately, we were prepared with curated #DF2U content, such as industry-specific webinars, analytics and AI use cases, timely Insight Track interviews, and blog posts tackling everything from the next normal in banking to cocktail recipes for every occasion.

We Continue to Educate and Expand Our Team Through Our Luminate Program

While the world continues to adapt to remote ways of working, here at Atrium we celebrated our already global, virtual-friendly presence with another year of Luminate! Luminate is our program for recent college graduates that provides real-world consulting training and experience. We interviewed our 2020 U.S.-based Luminate crew and our 2020 India-based Luminate crew to find out their areas of interest and why they chose Luminate as we continue to build on our team and culture.

Not bad for a year spent almost exclusively in slippers! Hopefully you too found new ways of being at home, being with your colleagues, and being with us. And we hope to do more of that — virtually and in person! — in 2021. In the meantime, we’re always ready to help.