Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM: What You Need to Know About the Rebrand

Last fall, Salesforce announced the rebrand of Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM, a new name that could be confusing to those familiar with Tableau. It might seem like a small thing, but renaming Einstein Analytics is an indicator of the direction Salesforce intends to go with reporting. Einstein is still the overall AI brand for […]

An Inside Look at Sales Productivity With Nutanix

Businesses have a lot to consider when it comes to investments in sales productivity — particularly those that have invested in legacy IT. Dana Clark (Director, Sales Processes and Capabilities at Nutanix) spoke with our CEO Chris Heineken about business transformation in light of COVID-19, putting analytics and AI at the forefront of future sales […]

A Timely Call for Systems of Intelligence and the Future of Salesforce Analytics

Our mindset around systems of intelligence has shifted with the times. Businesses have turned to Salesforce — and specifically CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) — to reap the benefits of predictive analytics and industry-specific use cases. Which industries are most aggressive in their approach toward analytics and AI transformation in light of Covid-19? What can […]

Reporting Tools Revisited: Why It’s Tableau and Einstein at the Top

Things have changed! As of October 6th, 2020, Einstein Analytics has been renamed Tableau CRM. At Tableau Conference-ish, this year’s virtual Tableau conference, it was announced that Einstein Analytics would be renamed and continue to provide the best analytics and AI experience in the Salesforce CRM workflow. Read the official press release from Tableau here. We […]

Einstein Discovery: What’s New in the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release?

Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 Release is here, and there’s been a buzz surrounding some of its enhancements and new features — particularly around Einstein Discovery. Having explored the updates firsthand and looked into the release notes from Salesforce, we spoke with some of our experts to find out what they’re most excited about. Chris Barbour, Data […]

Surfacing Einstein Discovery Results in Your Snowflake Data

A single source of data will allow organizations to quickly build data models and analytical dashboards using data across business units and systems. A native connector from Einstein to Snowflake eliminates the need for potentially costly middleware and significantly simplifies the integration between these systems. But before we can dig into building a model with […]

Atrium’s Take on the Einstein Analytics and Snowflake Partnership

With an important update to the Salesforce-Snowflake partnership, Einstein Analytics and Snowflake can deliver even more value to customers. Integrations between the two will allow organizations to combine and analyze all data in Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and visualize it and derive new insights with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Salesforce applications. Since […]