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The Mortgage Lending Experience is Improving Thanks to AI

The Mortgage Lending Experience is Improving Thanks to AI

Were you one of the many people who purchased or even refinanced a house in the last two years? You wouldn’t be alone. Today’s world is more and more about the customer experience and how we are treating the customer throughout the process. Imagine how putting the customer first would shake up the mortgage industry […]

Quick Industry Perspective: Mortgage Lending

mortgage lending

Quick industry perspective: Mortgage Lending Keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities in the mortgage industry? That’s why we’re here. The mortgage industry has seen a huge spike in demand, causing shifts in the market and client needs. See how you can improve the overall lending experience for your clients with intuitive, intelligent analytics […]

Challenges and Changes in the Mortgage Industry With Salesforce

As the Global Head of Mortgage & Lending at Salesforce, Geoff Green has seen the challenges and changes across the mortgage industry through COVID-19 firsthand. He spoke with Atrium CEO Chris Heineken about his path to mortgage and lending at Salesforce, the evolution of analytics and machine learning in the industry, Financial Services Cloud for […]