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Your Dreamforce 2022 Recap: Salesforce Data Cloud, Slack Canvas, and Being Back in SF

dreamforce 2022 recap from atrium

For the first time since 2019, Dreamforce was back in its fullest action, live in San Francisco — as well as streamed to thousands of us virtually via Salesforce+ for free. Dubbed a “family reunion,” Salesforce’s biggest annual event brought together Trailblazers, customers, partners, and friends. With it, as many surprises as you’d expect from […]

Cloning MuleSoft Projects to Maximize Efficiency

Cloning MuleSoft Projects To Maximize Efficiency

When considering reuse, people all too often consider only the number of distinct consumers utilizing their APIs or integration services. However, there are many additional constructs to consider when driving reusability for integration assets. What is reusability? Reusability is when an integration object or process is built and then used several times after its initial […]