How to Build A High-Functioning RevOps Tech Stack For Your Business

How to Build A High-Functioning RevOps Tech Stack For Your Business

Organizations typically have many different departments interacting with customers at different levels. The marketing team promotes the brand to the audience through campaigns and helps get leads. The sales team are responsible for bringing business to the company and have a major role in closing the deals. The customer success team helps resolve the challenges […]

Understand Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence… What’s in It for You?

New in February 2022, Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence product allows businesses to manage revenue across the customer lifecycle by providing actionable insights that can help ensure organizations are reaching their growth goals. Let’s go into the use cases and benefits, talk about the relationship between revops and revenue intelligence, and look at a real customer success […]

What is Revenue Operations, or Revops, Anyway?

what is revenue operations

If you regularly read business blogs, attend industry conferences, or you’re just generally an “in-the-know” kind of person, you’ve very likely come across the term “revenue operations.” Just when you thought you had business models all figured out, the world turns and adds yet another department. And if you’ve ever seen a revenue operations job […]

Claire Bolton On Successful Adoption Across Sales Ops and RevOps

What does it take to be successful with change management, adoption, and engagement in today’s technologies for those in sales and revenue operations (aka revops)? What about streamlining the experience for users across systems? Claire Bolton, the Global Director of Sales Operations at CooperVision, spoke with our CEO Chris Heineken about prioritizing transparency, communication, and […]