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Revenue Operations Analytics

Experience Revops In Action

Eager to learn how leading companies are winning at revenue operations and driving more value for their organizations? Here’s an interactive revenue operations analytics dashboard built in Tableau that showcases how you can maximize your investments in Salesforce and elevate your revenue capabilities. 

This revops analytics dashboard is often used by a VP or director of revenue operations to assess how their annual recurring revenue is tracking. It also includes customer prediction insights powered by Einstein Discovery that alerts you which customers are potentially at risk for churning and what actions are required to prevent churn. Essentially, this revops dashboard is your center for revenue intelligence.

At Atrium, we help clients take advantage of this generational shift in the enterprise where companies are moving toward intelligent systems. One of the functional areas that has truly blossomed during this intelligent era is revenue operations. Today, many companies are seeking to achieve revenue growth by leveraging data to identify and acquire high quality revenue streams that are both predictable and recurring. To do that, you have to make your systems more intelligent. 

When you look at what some of your revenue operations team or sales team members are chartered with, it’s a lot to tackle. If your revops team is to identify and acquire quality revenue streams, they inevitably have to touch each stage of the customer lifecycle, not just to understand how key metrics are performing, how the current tech stack is functioning, but more importantly, how each of these stages relates to each other during the sales cycle.

For example, when you lose a renewal or fail to expand your revenue with a customer, was it because of something that happened during the customer onboarding process? Did you waste all of your energy acquiring the wrong type of customer to truly understand the customer experience impact? 

In some cases, you have to go back upstream in the business process to understand what happened when you landed that customer when they first started to adopt your product or service. Understanding the cause and effect of your customer engagement processes and activities is crucial

With this revops dashboard, all of your data is being translated into revenue insights in real time, giving you the most competitive and timely intel to make critical decisions.

Key Success Patterns of Successful Revops Teams

Broad Revops Adoption

Revops processes are broadly adopted and wired into the daily working cadence of the business. That’s all the way from the chief revenue officer down to the individual contributor.


analytics-first approach

Revops teams always tying insight to action, so they can effectively implement the necessary change.




Holistic Problem Solving

Teams think about problems holistically. They don’t just look at sales or revenue. They look at customer lifetime value and the true cost of customer churn.



Revops Is Not Sales Ops 2.0.

Let’s talk about why this isn’t sales ops, or marketing ops 2.0. First, as we saw with our customer lifecycle diagram, it really is a broader mandate than just sales. 

Revops teams are often tasked with working across the entire customer lifecycle, marketing, sales and service. This means more stakeholders and a broader process footprint. And based on that mandate, it obviously means a broader data scope as well. And because of those two complexities, it invariably means a steeper change curve to change behaviors and drive adoption of new cross-functional processes. 

Whether one or all of those apply to you, you’re not alone. We can help you wherever you are on your journey to a revops revolution.

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