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Einstein Copilot Services

Set up Einstein Copilot for success with the help of your CRM + data + AI partner

Einstein Copilot is a powerful generative-AI-powered chatbot that transforms the way your users work on the Salesforce platform. However, setting it up for your unique needs and leveraging it in use cases that matter to your business is crucial to seeing a return on investment. As a Salesforce partner with expertise in generative AI, Atrium is here to help you implement Einstein Copilot and maximize its value.

Einstein Copilot Offerings

Atrium’s distinct offerings to help you get started with Copilot, Prompt Builder, and generative AI — all to suit your unique needs.

Einstein Copilot Quickstart

See success with Einstein Copilot quickly with an implementation of standard actions. Our team of technical experts will work with you to determine a custom action to bring a bespoke use case to life.

4-6 weeks

Prompt Builder Quickstart

Quickly implement Prompt Builder to leverage generative AI outside the Copilot chat interface. Prompts can be used to surface summaries and content directly in fields, Lightning Web Components, sales emails, and beyond.

4-6 weeks

Generative AI Pilot

Go beyond a quickstart with a full implementation of several use cases/actions leveraging Copilot and Prompt Builder. Roll out functionality at scale with change management in a dedicated pilot designed to demonstrate value.

6-12 weeks

Customized Generative AI

Have a need for generative AI beyond or in addition to CRM?

With an approach tailored to your business needs, Atrium can provide proof of concepts and the implementation of tools around custom use cases.


Why Select Atrium as Your AI Partner?

With the advent of tools like Prompt Builder and Copilot, along with a suite of tools outside of CRM that facilitate the building and management of LLM-based tools, it’s important to have an expert partner to help you get these tools into production.

As a Salesforce partner with a focus on CRM + data + AI, Atrium is well-equipped to help you get the most out of Copilot and generative AI. We have practices devoted to data engineering and data science, and proven success infusing Salesforce with AI from Copilot and Prompt Builder to Einstein GPT and beyond. We’ll help you set up Copilot on targeted use cases so you see improved outcomes for your business.

Benefits of Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot enables Salesforce users to infuse their CRM experience with generative AI. While standard actions are available out of the box Einstein Copilot is a powerful framework that can be used to drive custom actions that expand beyond what’s available with OOTB functionality.

Customization with Copilot Builder

Using Copilot Builder, you can design custom actions tailored to your unique business processes, enhancing the Salesforce experience for your users.

Leveraging LLMs for Dynamic Personalization

Using LLMs to analyze a user’s natural language query, Copilot can dynamically generate a plan of action to provide the most relevant, accurate response.

Relevant Business and Use Case Context

Copilot tools can use the Salesforce data from your organization to generate outputs that are grounded in truth and directly relevant to your business context and use cases.

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Let's discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them with Einstein Copilot.