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Salesforce Einstein Discovery

An AI-powered Salesforce solution that makes data analysis seamless to enable data-driven business decisions

How much of your team’s time is spent on manual data analysis? Would it benefit strategic leaders of the business and save internal resources if you could automate key decisions? This is where Salesforce Einstein Discovery can help — by reducing time-wasting, potentially redundant manual efforts and leveraging your customer data in an actionable way. Simply put, Einstein Discovery is an AI-powered solution that enables organizations like yours to easily analyze data and make data-driven decisions that benefit the business.

Some of the benefits of using Einstein Discovery include:

  • Easy-to-use interface for data analysis
  • Automated insights that can be easily shared with stakeholders
  • Increased accuracy in data analysis
  • Time saving, especially compared to manual data analysis

Our team of certified Salesforce CRM Analytics and Einstein Discovery consultants can help you implement Einstein Discovery and drive results for your business. We will work with you to understand your business needs and objectives, and then configure Einstein Discovery to meet those needs.

We Can Help You Get the Most Out of Einstein Discovery

With the right team of certified CRM Analytics and Einstein Discovery consultants to guide you, your business can reap the benefits of secure datasets, powerful visualizations, and easy-to-digest formats for important stakeholders.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

By incorporating custom predictions into your Tableau view or usage with a few clicks, bring future trends into today's decisions. Einstein Discovery insights are seamlessly integrated into your Tableau process, eliminating the need to interrupt your analysis.

Stay Aware of Bias in Datasets

Einstein Discovery alerts customers of potential biases in their data sets through pop-up notifications. This is because the likelihood of bias can vary and arise from imbalanced data. By identifying these biases, organizations can take measures to secure their datasets.

Combine and Visualize Data to Create Compelling Stories

Einstein Discovery analyzes your data based on the story settings and presents statistical insights in an understandable format, accompanied by natural language explanations and visualizations. These insights serve as a foundation for exploring trends, patterns, and correlations in your data.

Further Benefits of Predictive Analytics and Data Science Solutions

Adaptability, mitigating risk, and acting on historic data are critical for all parts of the business, especially sales, service, and marketing. Knowing the likelihood of certain customer behaviors, as well as automated paths to more seamless data to take action on, can help your team better know the customer and take appropriate next steps.

Propensity to Convert

Propensity to convert analysis helps organizations predict the likelihood of a customer completing a desired action (e.g., making a purchase or signing up for a service), allowing them to optimize marketing efforts and increase conversion rates.

Propensity to Buy

Propensity to buy analysis helps organizations specifically predict the likelihood of a customer making a purchase, enabling them to target marketing efforts and increase sales by prioritizing high-value prospects.

Customer Churn

Data science for customer churn analysis enables organizations to identify the factors that contribute to customer attrition, allowing them to take proactive measures to reduce churn and improve customer retention.

Risk Analytics

Using data science for risk analytics allows organizations to analyze large amounts of data and identify potential risks, leading to more informed and effective decision-making and risk management strategies.

Lookalike Clients

Data science can also help identify potential customers with similar characteristics and preferences, enabling targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that can help acquire or upsell similar customers with more ease.

Customer Success

“Atrium was essential in our Einstein implementation. Their wealth of knowledge, availability, and flexibility made this process very smooth.”

Julie Chen, CooperVision

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Our team of certified Salesforce experts is made up of uniquely skilled leaders who have spent years focused on customer acquisition and engagement, CRM Analytics and data science, and strategy consulting, as well as specific industries, Salesforce Clouds, and related technologies.

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As the market leader in providing intelligent experience solutions on the Salesforce platform, we combine CRM strategy, Einstein Discovery excellence, data science, and Tableau implementation expertise to drive sustainable solutions on the Tableau platform for businesses across diverse industries.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

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