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Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Quickstart

Streamline your revenue operations, win more deals, and empower sales with more accurate predictions

With so many disparate functions and evolving customer expectations, it’s essential that your team have automated revenue insights in one central location. More revenue means discovering more opportunities, but only if you invest in a robust revenue intelligence solution. With Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence, sales leaders can manage and maintain revenue performance, as well as grow more revenue with powerful predictive capabilities.

Which Quickstart is Right for You?

Get to know the standard options for Revenue Intelligence Quickstarts and what's included with each.

Setup Quickstart

Want to get started as quickly as possible, with no customization required? With the Setup Quickstart, you’ll get started with Revenue Intelligence in just two weeks.

Growth Quickstart

If you want to get started with Revenue Intelligence quickly and then some, the Growth Quickstart is right for you. In as quickly as four weeks, we’ll get you started with Revenue Intelligence and stand up an additional dashboard based on your needs.

What's Included?

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Quickstart - Chart

More Options to Drive Outcomes

External Data Source | $10,000

Have data from more sources? We get it. With this option, include an additional external (i.e., non-Salesforce) data source) to a Revenue Intelligence Quickstart offering/package.

Getting Started: What to Expect


Once we’re properly introduced and aligned on needs, priorities, and goals, we start with end-to-end discovery and setting the vision.


We start by installing Revenue Intelligence and configuring it to meet the needs of your business — including any necessary deep dives and enablement sessions.


The moment you’ve been waiting for! Deployment, at which point we’ll validate use cases and document our final design.


Once the solution is deployed, we’ll do a joint project review, knowledge transfer, and set you up with resources for what's next and future success.

Is a Revenue Intelligence Quickstart Right for You?

Here are some key indicators that a Revenue Intelligence Quickstart is a fit — and that you and your team could benefit from basic starter support, a custom engagement, or something in between.

  • You currently use Account, Opportunity, Opportunity line item, User, and User Role Objects
  • If you are already using Collaborative Forecasting:
    • You have all objects associated with Collaborative Forecasting already established
    • Forecast hierarchy is configured
    • You use Opportunity as the object, Close date as the date type, Role Hierarchy as the hierarchy
    • You have set up quotas in forecasting
    • Hierarchy is configured with at least one user assigned as a parent role and one user assigned as the child role
  •  If you are not already using  Collaborative Forecasting:
    • Revenue Intelligence will be setup on the generic role hierarchy and the dashboard would not have any quota data

Avoid Stalling After You’ve (Quick)Started

Succeed and scale with custom solutions from certified Salesforce experts

Created in partnership with Salesforce, this whitepaper explores how companies can use revenue operations (aka revops) and revenue intelligence effectively through a proven combination of change management, data strategy, and analytics expertise.

Experts from Atrium and Salesforce discuss how to drive changes in behavior across an organization to grow revenue and close more business, as well as detail a success story in which we helped a customer uncover thousands of dollars in missed opportunities using Salesforce Revenue Intelligence.

Let Us Help You Get Started

Reach out and let's discuss your path to Revenue Intelligence.