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Sales Cloud Quickstart

A faster path to go live with Sales Cloud to make selling easier and more efficient

Sales reps only have so many hours in the day. Having intelligent recommendations and real-time data in Salesforce Sales Cloud can be the difference between a lost deal and a major win. However, getting started on the path to greater engagement and efficiency can be complicated and costly for many businesses, with a simple Sales Cloud launch — from initiating and gathering requirements through to building, testing, and deploying — costing several hundred hours and budget that could be spent more strategically within the business.

In our many years of experience consulting on the Salesforce platform, we found that simply deploying Sales Cloud isn’t enough.  To ensure our clients maximize the value of their investments, we’ve developed a Sales Cloud Quickstart. With our Quickstart offering, you can not only be up to speed and live with Sales Cloud faster and more cost-effectively in as little as four weeks, but your sales team also gets the benefits of comprehensive roadmapping, enhancements, and enablement — all the essentials you’d expect from a holistic implementation. 

What's Included in a Sales Cloud Quickstart?

Here’s a look at what we deliver with a Sales Cloud Quickstart — including sample backlog items, validated and documented by our team, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Sales Cloud Configuration

Setup and configuration of mission critical Sales Cloud functionality such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.

Data Import

We’ll import your data into Sales Cloud to ensure you can start managing your sales upon deployment.

Security Model

We deploy with a fully open or fully closed security model within the MVP launch, and then further discover where and how to leverage custom security settings to align with business requirements.

Knowledge Share And Enablement

Additionally, ongoing enablement of identified super users/admins, ensuring ongoing iteration after go-live — with opportunities for long-term support.

Enhancements And Ongoing Support

Our team provides collaborative curation of backlog items, such as Einstein Activity Capture for email sync, creation of mission critical reports and dashboards, lead and opportunity scoring, and process automation, ensuring you are doing more than just getting started.

Quickstart Pricing

6 Months | $50,000

We start with ideas, but deliver outcomes. you’ll not only go live with Sales Cloud in just four weeks, but you’ll also receive enhancements, improvements, and hands-on enablement sessions allowing you to succeed with Sales Cloud well beyond our six-month engagement. It’s not just about going live — it’s about making sure you’re set for innovation and adaptability and reaping the benefits of your investment in Sales Cloud.

Get to know what’s included in your engagement and what the process looks like below.

Getting Started: What to Expect


Once we’re properly introduced and aligned on needs, priorities, and goals, we start with end-to-end discovery and setting the vision.


We start by installing Sales Cloud and configuring it to meet the needs of your business — including any necessary deep dives and enablement sessions.


The moment you’ve been waiting for! Deployment, at which point we’ll validate use cases and document our final design.


Once the solution is deployed, we’ll do a joint project review, knowledge transfer, and start curating the backlog we’ve developed throughout deployment to ensure you are maximizing your investment.

Is a Sales Cloud Quickstart Right for You?

Here are some key indicators that a Sales Cloud Quickstart is a fit — and that you and your team could benefit from a standard engagement or something longer term, customized to your complex needs and goals.

  • You need to migrate off of spreadsheets or a sub-optimal CRM system
  • You’re looking to optimize lead-to-close business processes
  • You need consistent, intelligent opportunity management
  • You have between 50-100 users
  • You have minimal internal capacity and/or capability and need outside strategy and/or support

Ready for More?

We can do more than just get you started. As your platform evolves, the demand from your team and the expectation from your clients will evolve with it. We can guide you through Salesforce implementation and actionable insights all the way to predictive insights leveraging the power of data science.

certified salesforce consultant

Getting data into Salesforce is one thing, making it actionable is another. As CRM Analytics experts, we unlock our customers’ data to surface insights where users actually work — across sales, service, and marketing. Our approach combines deep Salesforce implementation expertise with data science innovation and best practices.

tableau consultant

As Salesforce platform consulting and technical experts, we combine CRM strategy, industry expertise, and extensive Tableau implementation expertise to drive results on the Tableau platform.

Access key data insights and manage your relationships with a 360 view and experience within Salesforce — with time-saving efficiencies provided by MuleSoft, the #1 integration and API platform.​

Proven Success With Salesforce Sales Cloud

Avaya’s forecasting process required countless hours from multiple teams each quarter. In order to produce accurate forecasts, valuable hours were spent discussing the likelihood of opportunities to close in the field, and then manually adjusting weightings, validating inputs, and aggregating data. Learn more about how we helped Avaya's sales efforts become more intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective, reducing the number of dashboards, hours spent, and maintenance costs.

Let Us Help You Get Started

Reach out and let's discuss your faster path to success with Sales Cloud.