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Tableau Wealth Management Analytics

Reduce client attrition risk within wealth and asset management

Now more than ever, wealth managers are digitizing their operations to serve modern clients. This will enable them to offer advisory and non-advisory services more efficiently, as well as meet changing investment preferences. Some leading managers are already leveraging advanced analytics to enable smart decision-making and personalization at scale.

Wealth Management Analytics

Reduce Attrition

Empower advisors to take a proactive approach to attrition with predictive insights. Get ahead of your clients and find out their pain points before they leave.

Augment Advisor Performance

Obtain a single source of truth where insights are stored and processed to enable intelligent decision-making. Greater confidence in your data leads to better business decisions.

Protect and Grow Client Investments

Surface insights that boost your portfolio performance, and improve your client interests and experience. Take action on these insights that would not otherwise have been evident.

Focus On Customer Relationships

Meet customers exactly where they are to build lasting, profitable relationships. Understanding their expectations and fulfilling them is key to keeping your clients and growing your business with them.

Identify Operational Efficiencies

Reduce manual labor with analytics-led transformations that give you time to focus on what's most important. Automation allows your employees to work through challenges and innovate to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Wealth lookalike

Reveal potential clients that are most likely to convert. Knowing what your customers are looking for allows you to get your product in front of them.

In dashboard below, you will see how we can leverage predictive insights through Tableau to help reduce attrition risk within wealth and asset management.

With our client attrition risk dashboard built in Tableau, wealth and asset management executives now have a predictive dashboard that identifies the propensity of your portfolio to churn with the ability to drill in by client asset class, product mix, and geography.

Our solution gives you actionable insights enhanced with embedded AI and machine learning models powered by Salesforce Einstein Discovery.

This gives you that much needed insight as seen here with clients with high cross sell propensity.

With the total book insight powered by Einstein Discovery directly in your dashboard, you have immediate insight enabling you to take corrective action across the portfolio and within each manager and advisor’s portfolio.

Now you can start to visualize where managers have their highest risk, and in this case, new opportunities for additional product cross sell.

As you click into each individual Manager, you can quickly determine both areas of risk as well as different recommended actions to take within each individual manager’s portfolio.

In this case, there is a two times higher client to advisor ratio.

Additionally, you can take an account centric view which allows you to set a threshold for accounts you want to dive deeper into. As you look at each account, the predictive insights update in real time for guided actions based on propensity to impact a positive and negative outcome within each account.

With Atrium’s client attrition risk dashboard, your path to inquiry is clean, simple, and informed by real time predictions throughout your entire portfolio.

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