Our Story

Behind every great company is a great team of people — and the foundation of ours was 20+ years in the making. From the beginning, our purpose has been to do intellectually captivating work that drives impactful outcomes for our customers and creates exponential career growth for our team.

Why Atrium?

We are captivated by the ways in which AI will define the customer experience ecosystem in the future and create extraordinary growth opportunities for our customers. We enable businesses to take advantage of this shift by onboarding new ways of working and delivering projects through the power of analytics and AI — by identifying and advising, architecting and implementing, and optimizing and managing the right technology solutions.

The market leader in intelligent solutions

Here at Atrium, we have only just begun our journey in creating a new type of consulting firm with a world-class team. Fusing together the leading elements of math, programming, consulting, and industry expertise, we have the best and brightest helping enterprise companies navigate a data-driven world through analytics and machine learning.

Social good

We’ve made AI and machine learning for a greater good a cornerstone of our ideology and practice since Atrium was founded. Our commitment to giving back extends through Cultivate, a program exclusively dedicated to donating time and expertise to nonprofit customers and charitable organizations.

Our core values

Core Values_01_DoT

Diversity of Thought

An inclusive and diverse team not only makes Atrium a great place to work, but it also helps limit inherent bias in the statistical models we use to uncover business insights.
Core Values_02_A


Being true to ourselves and our customers is the bedrock of our company. Tapping into our natural curiosity, we challenge conventional wisdom with data-driven insights.
Core Values_03_I


Pioneering is not easy. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in search of answers and solutions for our clients and our teammates.