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Are You Ready for Snowflake’s 2020 Data Cloud Summit?

As we prepare for an action-packed day at Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit on November 17, there’s a lot to look forward to — and more to learn. A few of our experts came together to share important Snowflake insights ahead of the event, such as insight into Snowflake’s Data Marketplace, Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake, the Snowflake Output Connecter, and our expertise as a Snowflake partner in the evolving analytics ecosystem.

Dustin Weaver, Data Lead: Snowflake’s Data Marketplace

Snowflake’s Data Marketplace provides access to live, ready-to-query data from third-party vendors. The data is available within your Snowflake instance, making it easy for analysts and data scientists to query and use.

The success of your analytics and machine learning models depend mainly on three factors within your data: volume, diversity, and quality. A deficiency of any of these factors will drive down the quality and performance of your machine learning models and cause your analytics to be more shallow with less context.

For customers looking to build new machine learning models, or enhance existing ones, Snowflake’s Data Marketplace presents an opportunity to expand the diversity of data by providing large datasets from trusted sources. This data can then be used to widen the breadth of scope for a machine learning model and provide additional insights. In analytics, this data can provide additional context to visualizations and help drive better decision making for business stakeholders. 

Tyler Pollard, Consultant: Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake

Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake is a rousing integration between Snowflake and Salesforce that generates endless opportunities for customers. Einstein Analytics — now Tableau CRM — users now have the capability to directly query data they have stored in Snowflake for dashboard usage. With Einstein Analytics Direct Data, the customer’s data stays in Snowflake and the need for intermediary copies is eliminated.

The contemporary connector and direct queries allow Tableau CRM customers to access their Salesforce data, the data from their business applications, and data from the aforementioned Data Marketplace that is stored in Snowflake. Eradicating the need for intermediate copies creates ease of use for organizations. Instead of tangling with time-consuming integrations, customers will have real-time access to important business data and free themselves to gather actionable insights. 

Direct Data for Snowflake creates novel possibilities for those who work heavily within Tableau CRM. Users having easy access to data from multiple back-end systems will give them the ability to truly leverage the visualization aspects and discovery abilities of Tableau CRM. This directs us to a future of intelligent and comprehensive dashboards more beneficial than ever to the end user.

Katie Toyoshima, Consultant: Snowflake Output Connector

The new Snowflake Output Connection in Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 release is a welcome addition to Tableau CRM’s many connectors. By enabling the Snowflake Output Connector in your Salesforce org, users will have the option to use Output nodes in a recipe built by Data Prep to export your dataset into selected tables in Snowflake.

The Snowflake Output Connector is a powerful way for customers with Tableau CRM and Snowflake to leverage data and insights stored in either platform. The connector will allow output datasets from Tableau CRM to enter into Snowflake, thus allowing users to further take advantage of the data integration, analysis, and sharing provided by the Snowflake platform without having to spend resources on middleware and while maximizing the capabilities of both platforms. 

As the adoption of the Snowflake platform increases across all industries, Atrium has been helping customers integrate Snowflake data into Tableau CRM and now has the capability to help integrate data from Tableau CRM into Snowflake. This connector provides another way that Atrium can help your organization provide more efficient and effective uses of its AI solutions and software.

Looking forward to Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit? Us too! Learn how we can help you create or refine your intelligent experience.