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Infographic: Preventing Customer Churn Using Snowflake

Here’s a problem businesses deal with all too often: miscommunication. As an example, let’s take a hypothetical company we’ll call Magenta Inc. who sells widgets that help their customers with everyday activities. They have sales reps that sell the product, a fulfillment center to complete the orders, and a servicing team to help answer questions […]

Economics of Customer Acquisition Infographic

What does it cost to acquire new customers? Fortunately, there’s a science to it. Even with the most data-driven customer retention efforts, there are times when you need to turn your attention to new opportunities or tap into a new target audience to grow your business. The infographic below has a formula you can use […]

Check Your Progress on the Data-Driven Customer Retention Maturity Curve

The data-driven retention journey has to start somewhere. Whether your company is working off of spreadsheets, using dynamic dashboards, or modeling customer attrition trends, there’s room for improvement. Where would you plot your company on this curve right now? Every company’s journey to retain their customers is unique because needs and expectations change over time. […]