Brenna Reimink and the Year of the Client for Sales Operations

With an adaptive mindset and diverse stakeholders around the same table, a future wherein salespeople grow alongside technology (rather than technology outpacing them) is possible. Moreover, it’s necessary. As a leader of strategic initiatives at Worldpay, Brenna Reimink discusses the importance of automation, societal changes, and combining big-picture goals and everyday realities to focus on […]

James Johnson On Going Faster and Getting Products into Users’ Hands Now

As the CTO of Robert Half, with more than 20 years at the company, James Johnson has overseen and championed numerous data science and AI projects at tremendous scale. With insight into what it takes to make a global deployment successful — and the competing priorities when it comes to localization and standardization — James […]

Analytics Isn’t Hard! Jason Little On Solving the Last-Mile Problem

Salesforce analytics leader Jason Little has been in the data space throughout his entire career. Formerly at companies like Oracle and MongoDB, he’s seen firsthand the industry’s attempts at centralizing massive amounts of data. He discussed the necessary shift in focus toward the end user experience rather than on technical problems, his predictions for the […]

The Next Age of Common Courtesy: Glenn Weinstein On Evolving Systems of Engagement

How can organizations use their first-party data more not only more efficiently, but more intuitively? What does the near future look like for today’s systems of engagement? A technology pioneer with experience serving in the Navy and paving the way for evolution in the Salesforce ecosystem, Twilio‘s Chief Customer Officer Glenn Weinstein knows how to […]

Claire Bolton On Successful Adoption Across Sales Ops and RevOps

What does it take to be successful with change management, adoption, and engagement in today’s technologies for those in sales and revenue operations (aka revops)? What about streamlining the experience for users across systems? Claire Bolton, the Global Director of Sales Operations at CooperVision, spoke with our CEO Chris Heineken about prioritizing transparency, communication, and […]

Peter MacDonald On the Move to Modern Data Architecture

Peter MacDonald

The mindset around analytics transformation has evolved over the last few years, with businesses of every size and shape grappling with whether to move from legacy investments to a modern data architecture — along with the benefits and how best to do it. Our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with Peter MacDonald (Head of Strategic Partnerships, […]

Arijit Sengupta On the Secret to Success With AI Adoption

So many AI projects fail… but why? There’s been increased interest around AI for years, with more organizations claiming it as a priority for business transformation. But adoption and ROI can be complicated for those just starting out with AI. Our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with Arijit Sengupta (Founder and CEO, Aible) about his years […]