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Maximize the Value of Your Data with Tableau and Snowflake

Maximize the Value of Your Data with Tableau and Snowflake

As we evolve in a world where data is the most valuable and fastest growing resource a business can have, it can be difficult and overwhelming for organizations to prioritize and structure data in a way that can drive predictability and inform strategy for the business. Timing is crucial to decision making as industries experience the exponential growth of data.

Having data is one thing, understanding its role in surfacing the right insights at the right time and making them actionable is another. This is what makes Snowflake and Tableau a match made in heaven.

Given the actionability that these two powerful platforms provide, you are empowered with endless possibilities. Snowflake allows you to connect data from many disparate sources and house it in a place with modern data engineering capabilities, allowing for a curated, governed, and modern data structure that enables your business with access to valuable, and more importantly, trustworthy data. This becomes the golden single source of truth.tableau and snowflake create a single source of truthTableau is a powerful analytics platform and data visualization tool that allows you to make sense of all that data and surface insights in a way that makes them actionable, so that you can make data-driven decisions to inform your business strategy and predict outcomes that help you turbocharge and sustain long-term revenue growth.

What’s Data Got to Do With It?

Time-to-insights is a key factor many organizations struggle with. The top-performing companies today excel by meticulously gathering internal data, leveraging the data provided by third-party partners, and taking action in real time based on the information and knowledge gained through modern data analytics. The thriving data culture empowers insights and decisions in ways traditional data warehousing can not.tableau and snowflake reduce time to insightWithout the proper accessibility, flexibility, and actionability, data is just another tool on the shelf. How can you move faster and keep pace with market changes if your data isn’t agile? Before we can answer that question, we have to look at the evolution of data agility.

Data Agility: The Data Strategy You Need to Succeed 

The age of “big data” has evolved to encompass and harness cloud data. Formerly cutting-edge systems are now seen as legacy, requiring a lot of resources to maintain. Businesses have started to streamline operations and replace their legacy on-premise data warehouse and data lakes with systems like Snowflake, a Data Cloud that doesn’t require years of planning to scale. We now have the flexibility to land data for immediate accessibility, so that agile product teams can transform data iteratively for rapid value creation.

But in order to take advantage of cloud data platforms, the concept of data agility has to be at the forefront of your strategy and process. How quickly can you derive value from all your data? How quickly can you not only surface insights, but also take action?

The Magic of Combining Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau work together to provide a single source of truth for business intelligence. Snowflake was designed with large data sets in mind and is elevated by Tableau’s intuitive features and visualizations. From company-wide dashboards to ad hoc investigations, using Tableau, you can connect to Snowflake and begin exploring, building Tableau dashboards, and collaborating quickly and efficiently.tableau and snowflake togetherAt Atrium, we can help you reach your targets faster by helping you integrate with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, allowing you to get valuable data into the hands of your business. We assist with data signal analysis, architectural review, and implementations of data models and analytics in Tableau and CRM Analytics, and embed those analytics where your users actually work, to make that data actionable.

The Right Partner to Bring It All Together

Atrium is uniquely positioned to help your business become a data-driven company. We specialize in driving definable business outcomes and a roadmap for scale at the intersection of data science, analytics, and CRM strategy.

Specifically, Atrium’s expertise in the following can help you take the next step in your data journey.


Simply put, Tableau helps you easily make sense of your data. It’s easy to use and yet powerful enough to perform virtually any type of analysis. Wherever you are on your journey with Tableau, there’s room to grow and get more ROI with our Tableau consulting service


Combining data sources? Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros)—combined with our deep data science expertise and Tableau implementation capabilities—enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud for all your data needs.

Data Science

Atrium empowers your subject matter experts to go beyond simply analyzing data, instead using the powerful insights and recommendations from your data to achieve your goals. Many difficult analytical concepts are removed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Instead of complex reports, they can provide you with easy to understand recommendations.


Making data-driven insights actionable in the places where users work is crucial to maximizing the investments you make in your data.

Your business needs are always evolving with the market, and the right technology can help you adapt and stay cutting edge. But successful user adoption and maximizing ROI on the Salesforce platform are just as essential.

Promotional trial of Tableau Cloud 

Tableau is offering an extended promotion trial opportunity for customers to try out Tableau Cloud when they pair it with Snowflake! As part of this offering, you get access to an extended trial of Tableau Cloud until January 13, 2023 and an additional discount on your Snowflake renewal or new purchase of Snowflake Consumption Credits if you purchase Tableau Cloud by then. With Tableau Cloud and Snowflake, you can unite siloed data and analyze it efficiently in the cloud.

Get in touch to see how we can help you get started with Tableau and Snowflake.