Mark Fleming on Reaching Data Nirvana Through Centralization and Improved Access

Mark Fleming of Snowflake on Atrium's Insight Track

With more and more companies making the transition to the data economy, themes of quality, governance, and technological ROI take center stage. Mark Fleming (SVP of Sales, Americas Enterprise at Snowflake) discusses the nirvana achievement of centralized data to create meaningful outcomes, the power of communication and storytelling across internal teams to bolster collaboration and […]

Whitepaper: Data Agility Unlocked: The Data Strategy You Need to Succeed

data agility whitepaper

WHITEPAPER Data Agility Unlocked: The Data Strategy You Need to Succeed Businesses have started to streamline data operations and replace legacy on-premise data lakes and warehouses with systems like Snowflake, a Data Cloud that doesn’t require years of planning to scale. But in order to take advantage of this progress, the concept of data agility […]

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse, What’s the Difference?

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse, What’s the Difference

Do you ever wonder where your information is stored when you log into any of your online accounts? What about when you take a picture and back it up on the cloud, where does it go and how is it stored? There’s a whole science around data storage, and you may have heard the terms […]

4 Steps to Start Your Data Governance Journey


The rise of the data lake has empowered more users to gain insights by generating analytics from raw data. One of the drivers for this paradigm shift was to speed the process of innovation by providing the business key information so they can react quicker. This increased agility was genuine. However, it came with a […]