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Your Dreamforce 2022 Recap: Salesforce Data Cloud, Slack Canvas, and Being Back in SF

dreamforce 2022 recap from atrium

For the first time since 2019, Dreamforce was back in its fullest action, live in San Francisco — as well as streamed to thousands of us virtually via Salesforce+ for free. Dubbed a “family reunion,” Salesforce’s biggest annual event brought together Trailblazers, customers, partners, and friends. With it, as many surprises as you’d expect from […]

Understand Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence… What’s in It for You?

New in February 2022, Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence product allows businesses to manage revenue across the customer lifecycle by providing actionable insights that can help ensure organizations are reaching their growth goals. Let’s go into the use cases and benefits, talk about the relationship between revops and revenue intelligence, and look at a real customer success […]

The Next Age of Common Courtesy: Glenn Weinstein On Evolving Systems of Engagement

How can organizations use their first-party data more not only more efficiently, but more intuitively? What does the near future look like for today’s systems of engagement? A technology pioneer with experience serving in the Navy and paving the way for evolution in the Salesforce ecosystem, Twilio‘s Chief Customer Officer Glenn Weinstein knows how to […]