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The Atrium Analytics Team: A Day in the Life!

A day in the life of the folks on Atrium’s Analytics team can be a varied one. At a high level, some of our daily activities include:

  • Project work
  • Pre-sales
  • Internal projects and methods
  • Hanging out with other Atrians!

ABB: Always be Billing

Project work takes up the majority of our time because that’s what moves the needle! (ABB — always be billing.) On a project, you might be wrangling some data, slinging some SAQL, or delving deep into client requirements. We work closely with our counterparts outside of America to accelerate our work and get close to a 24-hour dev cycle. Communication is key to making handoffs a smooth transition, so we generally have a daily scrum meeting with our offshore counterparts.

Pre-Sales Activities

Some of the team engages in pre-sales activities with the sales team. We get on calls with prospects and gather some high-level requirements, flesh out all the complexity drivers, and come up with the best solution to solve the customer’s problems. Then we try to estimate exactly what it would take to deliver our solution while burning the least amount of time possible. It’s important to stay in lockstep with the sales team to ensure we’re all on the same page internally throughout the process.

Internal Projects

There are some folks on the team who like to engage in internal efforts to help further our vision and methods. Internal projects are a chance to really get into items outside the normal flow of work. We’ve got some people working on methodology improvements, some on development operations improvements, and some on demos and other internal assets. These are usually “as/if you have time” items. Not everyone is fully engaged in them all the time and they generally span many different teams within Atrium.

Staying Connected Virtually

Sometimes you just want to cool off and chat for a bit. So you’ll catch a few people in “The Water Cooler,” our Google chat room, talking about all sorts of different things unrelated to work. This is a great place to meet and interact with folks from other teams as well. In addition to The Water Cooler, we also have many virtual happy hours that span across all the teams at Atrium. These are a fun way to get to know all of your fellow Atrians.

Sometimes you might need help with something analytics related.  For that, we have our own Analytics Team chat room. People are always happy to help answer questions or spin up a “party line” to jump in and chat through issues. In addition to the chat room, we also have a bi-weekly Analytics team virtual get-together and a monthly analytics peer review where we can ask any work-related questions — general or specific. Culture is important to all of us and it can’t thrive without interaction and communication!

Interested in joining the Atrium team? We’re hiring! Check out our open roles here.