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Benefits and Use Cases of AI In the Medical Device Industry

Benefits and Use Cases of AI In the Medical Device Industry

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to learn from experiences, which gives them more power and the ability to perform tasks that previously required humans. AI-Driven technologies like self-driving cars and social media monitoring are dependent on deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning. Using these technologies, computers are trained on large amounts of data to […]

Salesforce Health Cloud: How It Helps the Healthcare Ecosystem

How Is Salesforce Health Cloud Enhancing the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare has been one of the most disruptive industries, pushing all life sciences and healthcare organizations to constantly adapt and evolve. The most successful healthcare organizations procure technology and services that empower them to create the best connected experience for patients. Salesforce Health Cloud offers the intelligent capabilities you get with the traditional CRM, as […]

Analytics Trends in Medtech That Are Defining the Industry

Just like we can’t predict the weather, we can’t predict what breakthrough technology will change our world. Over the last two years, we’ve seen certain analytics trends in medical device companies take shape—a goal for most med device companies is improving their data quality with a focus on connected health analytics. Let’s walk through a […]