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Beginner’s Guide to CRM Analytics for Financial Services

A Beginner’s Guide to CRM Analytics for Financial Services

In the fast-paced world of financial services, data is your most valuable asset. But are you truly maximizing its potential? CRM Analytics (CRMA) can be your key to unlocking hidden insights, driving personalized client experiences, and making informed decisions that fuel growth.

CRMA is a dynamic visualization tool that not only provides consistent insights across your organization but also produces insights that are simple and easy to use. You can also use CRMA to combine data sources and objects in ways you can’t with traditional Salesforce reporting. CRMA allows you to develop dynamic dashboard components that display complex metrics in easy-to-understand and fully customizable solutions.

CRM Analytics for Financial Services

Data managers in financial services are used to their inboxes overflowing with questions. Sales reps need help maximizing Salesforce, line-of-business managers crave insights into team performance, and executives demand clear forecasts and progress tracking.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  1. What does my team’s performance look like across teams, territories, and regions?
  2. How is my team interacting with the books of business they manage?
  3. Are we effectively nurturing client relationships?
  4. How can we better manage leads and referrals?
  5. Where are there opportunities to create referrals to other lines of business?

We understand these challenges. That’s why we developed tailored CRMA solutions for customers in financial services — from banks and credit unions to wealth and asset management firms to insurance carriers and brokers — that serve to answer those exact questions.

Our solutions, ranging from custom dashboards to pre-built use case-driven accelerators, empower you to quickly harness the power of CRMA for Financial Services Cloud (FSC), turning your data into actionable insights and driving your business forward.

Leveraging Salesforce CRM Analytics for Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud has quickly become one of Salesforce’s most popular offerings — and for good reason. Financial services customers in every realm of the industry have been snapping up licenses across the globe. However, success with FSC shouldn’t necessarily end with FSC. Anyone can take their FSC experience to the next level with the power of CRMA.

FSC introduces new objects, like Financial Accounts, Households, and Action Plans, while also building on existing core Salesforce objects like Activities and Leads. But the challenge FSC customers often run into when inundated with all this new information is how exactly they can leverage it to make meaningful change within their business.

You may be logging your data in these systems, but are you getting the full potential out of your FSC investment and driving your business forward?

CRMA takes your FSC investment to the next level. Uncover hidden patterns in your book of business, predict client behavior, and make data-driven decisions that deliver real results. Don’t just manage your data; unlock its full potential with CRMA.

Visualizing Leads and Referrals with FSC and CRMA

Referrals are the lifeblood of financial services, but without effective management, they can easily slip through the cracks. FSC customers often struggle to manage the influx of leads and referrals, lacking the tools to prioritize and convert them efficiently.

CRMA transforms lead and referral management, providing the insights and tools needed to turn opportunities into closed deals.

See the above referrals dashboard in action.

By pulling your referrals and leads into CRMA, you can develop a simple dashboard, where you can quickly visualize how many referrals and leads are yet to be qualified, what product or service they’re related to, and all the detail they need to convert — right in the dashboard. You can take your visualization a step further by adding actions; you can quickly qualify and disqualify leads, modify the record, and create tasks for follow-up!

Activity Management with FSC

In financial services, maintaining healthy relationships is a key pillar to success. FSC’s Activity tracking is a great start, but CRMA elevates it to a whole new level. Go beyond logging interactions to gain a deeper understanding of your client engagement:

  • Identify trends: See which contacts are being engaged, how often, and by whom.
  • Optimize outreach: Tailor your strategies based on customer segments and markets.
  • Proactive relationship management: CRMA doesn’t just track past activity; it helps you plan for the future. Identify at-risk clients and predict the optimal time for outreach based on key factors like loan maturity dates or client lifetime value.

By leveraging CRM Analytics, you’re not just managing activities, you’re building stronger, more profitable client relationships.

See the above activity planning dashboard in action.

CRMA goes beyond simply identifying when clients need to be contacted — it can predict the optimal time for engagement. Set up automatic scheduling based on monthly cadences, custom models, or even leverage Einstein Discovery for AI-powered predictions. This ensures your outreach is timely and relevant, maximizing the chances of a positive response.

Households, Person Accounts, and Financial Accounts

One of FSC’s biggest strengths is its ability to link individual clients to households, person accounts, and financial accounts. CRMA visualizes these relationships, giving you a holistic view of each household.

See linked accounts, identify household members, and create targeted action plans for each individual. You can even track life events like birthdays and anniversaries, enabling personalized outreach that strengthens client relationships.

From Data to Action: The CRM Analytics Advantage

Becoming a data-driven organization isn’t just about having data; it’s about using it effectively. If you’re relying on spreadsheets and countless Salesforce reports, you’re likely missing out on valuable insights.

CRMA empowers you to:

  • Save time: Streamline your reporting and analysis process.
  • Gain clarity: Access consistent, easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Drive results: Make informed decisions that lead to measurable growth.

As a Salesforce user, you already have a wealth of data at your fingertips. But are you maximizing its potential? Don’t let valuable insights slip through the cracks. Break free from the limitations of spreadsheets and unlock the full power of your data with CRMA.

With CRMA and Atrium’s powerful financial services accelerators, you can save yourself and your team hundreds of hours. It’s never been easier to develop dashboards that not only provide clear and consistent insights but also have proven results across financial services. It just takes the right guide, the right tool, and the right approach.

Ready to learn more about getting started in CRMA? Don’t miss our webinar: Expanding Your Book of Business in Financial Services with Salesforce CRM Analytics.