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How to Analyze Your Business’ Existing Application to Determine Its Readiness for AI (1)

How to Analyze Your Business’ Existing Application to Determine Its Readiness for AI

Getting started with an effective customer retention strategy isn’t as easy as one would hope. As we tackle the concepts that make for an effective customer retention strategy, we revisit our data-driven approach and Atrium’s method of determining your readiness to adopt intelligent solutions in aiding customer retention.

Atrium uses a readiness assessment that can be leveraged by sales and strategy teams within your organization to assess the maturity of your company’s retention strategy. In order to effectively evaluate your organization’s current maturity level, we evaluate against six key principles:

  1. Customer Attrition Data
  2. Strategic Initiative
  3. Data Governance
  4. Existing Application
  5. Functional
  6. New Frontier

Atrium’s readiness approach takes a deep dive into your organization’s current state by analyzing your Existing Application Tools, Existing Application Configuration, and Release and DevOps management. We provide a thoroughly thought-out roadmap on how we can guide you through the crawl, walk, and run stage of the product life cycle, while still utilizing existing functionality. 

In this article, we will be focusing on how we can assess your organization’s existing applications for your customer retention strategies. What does your existing application look like, and how prepared are you to take on the “customer retention path”?

3 Key Metrics Associated with Your Existing Application

Atrium’s approach to assessing your organization’s existing application for customer retention focuses on three key metrics: Existing Application Tools, Existing Application Configuration, and Release Management and Devops.

Existing Application Tools

With Existing Application Tools, Atrium wants to help guide your organization to understand what the functionality of your current tools is. How are your teams currently using these tools? Not only are we aligning with existing applications, but Atrium wants to educate your organization on how to define how we manage these applications in a long-term approach. Does your team have the expertise to manage the solution?

Existing Application Configuration

For Existing Application Configuration, we take a deeper dive into the complexities of your existing configuration. Engaging through discovery sessions and current state analysis allows our team to not only understand what functionality exists in your application but also what challenges we may face as we make changes to workflows, architecture, and data management.

Release Management and DevOps 

Finally, for Release Management and DevOps, Atrium guides your dedicated team throughout the deployment processes and development operations and how they can influence project effort and time. Does your organization have the knowledge and capabilities to drive a release process?

Case Study: Smarter Processes and Predictions at Robert Half

It wasn’t too long ago that Robert Half’s staffing professionals used legacy IT systems and paper-based processes to find candidates and match them with open jobs. Leadership realized that productivity — and, thus, the ability to drive increased revenue — was becoming constrained by this way of working. They realized that being on the forefront of technology would allow them to expand into new service lines, cultivating diverse customers and candidates.

Robert Half’s first step in the process was to migrate their legacy data and lead-to-order processes to the Salesforce platform, which provided a stable, modern foundation to support future digital transformation efforts. Once complete, Robert Half partnered with Atrium to provide key advisory services to support their digital transformation: modernizing legacy processes and tools to become a digital, data-driven, AI-optimized organization.

Atrium analyzed candidate and customer datasets, identifying opportunities and working with Robert Half’s IT team to transform key processes such as customer acquisition and customer retention. By leveraging historical datasets and insight into their usage, Atrium helped build out new capabilities in Robert Half’s Salesforce solution, improving staffing efficiency and data visibility.

Atrium also worked with Robert Half to build Robert Half Direct, an online hiring platform where customers can post jobs, see AI-matched candidates immediately, and manage the process of interviewing and hiring.

Robert Half and Atrium also teamed up to build a user-friendly interface that allows staffing professionals to manage their lists of candidates. Prior to this, staffing professionals had to sift through candidate records manually, keeping track of their top candidates through lists on whiteboards or shared spreadsheets. Now potential candidates are identified by AI; staffing professionals can add them to lists for possible placement and create notes, annotating the candidate profiles digitally — all directly in the Salesforce solution.

Robert Half also worked with Atrium to build a series of machine learning models that assist in organizing leads. These models evaluate each lead, then stack rank the leads against one another, thereby optimizing the process by allowing staffing professionals to focus their time on the leads most likely to convert.

Using machine learning capabilities, Robert Half teams can quickly identify top matches to open job orders and expand their talent search by surfacing new candidates who are similar to those already on their lists in order to best meet their clients’ needs.

Additionally, Robert Half Direct is not only transforming Robert Half’s internal processes by eliminating manual data entry, but it also empowers the client and customer experience, allowing a diverse group of clients and candidates to interact in real time. Job seekers can access the same platform to manage their profile, update their skills and digital data, and consider interviewing for jobs to which they’ve matched.

With Atrium as a trusted partner, Robert Half has created a nimble, data-driven, AI-optimized solution that allows the company to innovate and respond to business needs at a pace that other companies can’t match.


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