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Q2 in Review: Highlights and Insights From the Atrium Team

It’s been a time of immense change in business and in life for all of us. Over the past quarter, our team at Atrium has learned, shared, and worked to help organizations survive — and even go on to thrive — in our current reality. We’ve rounded up some of our biggest stories, news, and industry insights from the last few months.

Announcing Our Snowflake Partnership and Our Machine Learning Model Broker Service

In May, we announced a partnership with Snowflake.

Our service offerings, powered by Snowflake, will enable our prospects and customers to further evolve their investments in business intelligence with the added benefits of Snowflake’s market-leading cloud data platform.

“Our vision continues to be around enabling companies to leverage analytics and predictions to drive positive business transformation through better decision making. Our partnership with Snowflake will greatly enhance that capability,” said Dustin Weaver, Snowflake Practice Lead at Atrium.

We also announced our new Machine Learning Model Broker Service.

As a service, our Machine Learning Model Broker benefits companies that possess data science expertise but face significant challenges in operationalizing machine learning models in ways that are actionable to large corporate user populations.

“Whether you’re using machine learning models built natively into your cloud platforms or integrating predictions with best-of-breed machine learning platforms, orchestrating a seamless user experience is critical to maximizing value from your data science investments,” said Jason Halpern, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Atrium.

Achieving Business Resilience in Response to COVID-19

We Produced a Video Interview Focused On Opportunities and Obstacles Facing Students and Institutions in Higher Ed

Chris Heineken, Atrium CEO, spoke with Daniel Goldsmith of Ormond and Julius Education about the role of analytics and machine learning in higher education today, barriers to success, and the potential long-term results of current industry changes.

We Held a Timely Webinar On Business Resilience

How are companies using analytics to stabilize their business and reactivate for growth? Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Colin Gelfer (SVP of Industries & Solutions at Atrium), Dave Dixon (Director of Analytics at Atrium), and Phil Cooper (VP, Product, Einstein Analytics at Salesforce).

Seeing ROI On Sales Forecasting With AI

We Published a Whitepaper on Maximizing the Value of Forecasting

Enabling an intelligent experience for sales forecasting is easier than you think. Take a closer look at how and why businesses are using AI to make decisions today in our latest forecasting whitepaper.

Getting Back to Business as Usual to Better Serve Customers and Employees

We Blogged About Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Reward With Work.Com

In the first of a two-part series, we discussed expanding the possibilities around workforce scheduling and optimization, employee sentiment with Einstein, and intelligent contact tracing.

We Blogged About Current Mortgage Industry Challenges and Opportunities to Watch

We spoke with some of our team members across Salesforce and strategy consulting and customer engagement to dig into the main obstacles facing mortgage lenders today, as well as the unique opportunities to better serve and engage stakeholders with analytics and AI.

We Also Blogged About Intelligent Call Deflection Strategies Help You and Your Customers

Today, the sheer volume of calls coming in can easily overwhelm newly remote agents, increasing their stress levels and decreasing the quality of service they offer — leading to dissatisfied customers. Here’s how you can prevent this from happening.

Weathering the Pandemic Together — Physically and Financially

These articles about supporting employees and sales cycles through COVID-19 captured our attention:

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